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What’s in My Camera Bag: My Travel Camera Gear & Accessories.

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What’s in my camera bag” a question many have been asking me from a long time. It’s been almost a year when I began solo traveling and during all these years, I have done many changes to my travel gear. Finally, after a lot of trips I have found the gears which are helpful during my trips.

As a travel blogger, you must always have sufficient gears for your travel journey. I won’t say you need the perfect gears as you will never find anything perfect ever. Whenever you buy something, after a few weeks a new product launches with a better specification at the same price or maybe even low. So, just wash the concept of the perfect travel gears from your mind. You need the gears which are necessary for you and which will stay with you for a longer period of time.

Now, as a travel blogger, I always have a backup for everything which can go wrong during my travel. Make sure you have some backup gears as much as possible.

Talking about the travel gears I always sort these gears into categories.

  1. Shooting my travels.
  2. Storage for the data.
  3. Backup for the data.
  4. Power backup.
  5. Charging the gears.
  6. Tripods stands and accessories
  7. USB essentials and connectors.
  8. Camera Accessories.

Yes, I sort my gears into these 8 categories. Whenever I go out on a trip, I make sure all these categories are ticked off before my journey. Even if one of them is missed it gets very hard for managing it during my journey.

Let’s start with what’s in my camera bag.

Shooting my travels.

For Filming my travel, I pack my main DSLR, a small action camera and sometimes I even use my mobile phone when both my camera’s get completely drained off.


This has been my main camera for the past 2 years now. It has proven to be a very reliable piece of gear during my travel. First, I was thinking about buying the very well-known Canon 70D. But then they announced the Canon 77D which was claimed to be better and guess what is better.

I cannot stress enough how useful it has been for me. You can check out the camera and see for yourself.

LENS – 50mm

Action Camera

Recently during my Thailand trip, I bought a budget action camera for myself.

The GoPro Hero 2018 Model.

Now, many people will argue with me that there are many other action cameras which are better than this one and they would even cost less.

Well, yes there are better cameras than this but I got a very fair deal on this one and GoPro is a reliable brand.

Mobile Device.

I always keep my mobile as a backup for my cameras. Now, keeping it as a backup means I always try to keep around 10-15 Gb free on my phone. I am not going to leave any links for the mobile phone, any mobile would work during your trip.

Storage for the data.

Now for each Mb of your data you need storage. I always have plenty of SDHC cards and microSD cards in my camera bag because running out of memory would be the last thing you want to do on a trip.

The SD and microSD cards which I use are mentioned below.


MicroSD Card

Now I have always noticed that the SD cards of the same capacity are a little costlier than the microSD cards which comes with an SD card Adapter. Nowadays, I always use microSD cards with an adapter in my DSLR.

It doesn’t affect the performance at all and you can get 3 microSD cards at a price of 2 SDHC cards.

Backup for the data.

Backup is very important for all of your data. I am saying this from my personal experience. One time I went on a 3-day trip and completely forgot about my backups and I only had 4 microSD cards with me and I literally have to divide the amount of data to shoot for a day. So, from then I never miss up on backup of data.

For backing up my data I always carry my laptop in my backpack with me wherever I go as I don’t want to miss out on any pictures.

The laptop which I use is

LAPTOP – Asus Vivobook X507 UF

External Hard Drives.

Another very backup source is external hard drives. These are incredible and very useful. They don’t take much space in your backpack.

They come in various storage options but I think 2 TB is sufficient for a 2-week trip.

Power Backup.

Thinking of backup many people forget about power backups. It is equally necessary as the data backups.

These power backups include power banks, extra batteries for DSLR, extra GoPro batteries, AAA batteries, a battery grip for your DSLR.

Power Banks

Canon Batteries.

GoPro Batteries

Battery Grip

There are many third-party batteries which work completely fine with your DSLR and GoPro so if you are on a budget then you can opt for these batteries as well. Make sure you check the reviews of those third party batteries first before buying them.

Charging the gears.

With all those extra batteries you also need charges to charge your devices after you go home after a long shooting day.

Usually, you get a charger in the box with your DSLR and mobile but with those extra batteries, you need a charger so you can charge these devices simultaneously.

The plugs in every country are different so I always keep a universal travel adapter in my backpack.

Check it out below.

Universal Travel Adapter

If you have extra batteries for your GoPro then you need to buy an extra charger for them. There is no charger included in the GoPro box you buy.

GoPro Battery Charger

If you like to stay in hostels like me, then you know that you only get one plug per person in hostels. It becomes a headache if you want to charge multiple devices. There is always a spike guard in my backpack to overcome this problem.

Have a look at it.

Spike Guard

Tripod stands and accessories

Taking pictures of yourself is a tricky business if you are a solo traveler. You cannot just hand out your camera to strangers and ask them to click your pictures. It can be done in some places but not every time.

Tripods and monopods are a very handy tool for your DSLR. They also help in stabilizing the videos and take your own pictures. There are again lots of tripods and monopods which are out there and as I said there is nothing like a perfect tripod.

You have to pick the tripod according to your requirement. While traveling you need a lightweight tripod. You can also choose a 2 in 1 tripod which can be also converted into a monopod. I use a monopod in my kit.


Below down are few tripods I have had hands-on and all of these are very good and reliable.


If you are using an action camera you need a lot of tripods and mounts. Another reason for choosing a GoPro is the number of accessories it offers. The tripods and accessories I use for my GoPro device are as follows.

3 Way GoPro Tripod


Floating Grip

USB essentials.

I always use a kind of formula while carrying the USB cables. I always carry my devices + 2 USB cables in my backpacks. The devices include everything like GoPro, DSLR, power banks.

Make sure you buy tangle-free cable as they would be lying in your backpacks most of the time.

Below down are some USB cables which I carry in my backpack.

USB Cable

Card readers also come handy while traveling.

Card Readers.

Another important accessory you need is an OTG cable. I use them and recommend them to you all. When I forgot my Hard drive then I used to copy the whole data from my mobile phone to the SDHC cards.

OTG Cable.

Camera Accessories.

This is the final category in my list. Every small accessory from my ag which is left fall into this final category.

Let’s start with the list.

External Microphones.

Canon Remote.

Lens Hoods.


Note: “The Products mentioned down below are affiliate products i.e. I get a small commission after you buy from these links without costing you any extra money”

That is all the things I carry in my backpack whenever I travel.

Hope this was a helpful article for you all.

See you in my next blog.

Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.

What’s In My Camera Bag: My Travel Camera Gear & Accessories

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