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Unixx South Pattaya Review: A Luxury on A Budget.

Unixx South Pattaya

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Traveling on a budget has been the main motive of my blog from the time I started it. There is one constant misconception I keep hearing from people that traveling on a budget is always staying in very budget hostels, eat a lot of street food, always staying local and the hotels cost a lot for a solo budget traveler. This article on Unixx South Pattaya will change your mind about it and let you know that you also enjoy luxury apartments on a budget.

The one easiest formula to get hotels on a cheap price is to visit them during the offseason. Due to the smaller number of people coming, the hotels slash the price of the rooms. This could be the time to get a good rate for these properties. This also applies to the hostels if you are wondering. The difference is that the hostel’s rates are already quite low and they only slash them a little and hotels offer more value during such seasons.

This article is about the Unixx South Pattaya Condo which I recently visited in June 2019. The value you can get in this amazing apartment for that less price was just amazing. Below down I am going to discuss everything you need to know about this and also about the other things related to it.

Let’s start with the article.

How To Reach.

There is no direct way to reach South Pattaya from the airport. There are taxis but those are not meant for the budget travelers. If you are a group of 4 then maybe a taxi could be a better option for you. For all those solo budget travelers, first you have to go to central Pattaya and then further to Unixx South Pattaya.

Airport to Central Pattaya

Unixx South Pattaya


If you are coming from the Pattaya Airport (U-Tapao Airport), then you need to know that there is no bus service directly to Pattaya city. However, there are buses for Trat, Rayong, and Chonburi from this airport. These services were first started in May 2018 after the increase in the passengers flying to U-Tapao airport.

The Bus for Chonburi has a stop in Pattaya. You can catch that bus for the most budget option.

Air Asia Minibus

If you are flying with Air Asia you can also opt for the minibus service while booking the flight tickets. The only thing you need to do is select Central Pattaya instead of Pattaya Airport. This bus will pick you from the airport and drop you to Central Pattaya.

These buses usually wait till it gets completely occupied so get ready to wait if you are the first one to arrive.


There are many operators who provide minibus services. They will drop you to central Pattaya. Only a few of them go to south Pattaya. I’m not 100% percent about that. The price ranges from THB 200 to THB 350. It depends on which service you choose.

Central Pattaya to Unixx South Pattaya

After reaching Central Pattaya you will have to catch a Songthaew which will drop you right near Unixx South Pattaya.

Check-In Process.

Now, this is a 45-floor apartment which also happens to be a place where people use their apartments for renting out to tourists. These operations are also carried out by the property for the vacant apartments.

Before entering you have to show your reservations to the security guard at the entrance. He will then further guide you to the lobby of the building. There is no check-in procedure as it happens in normal hotels. There would be two types of check-in, one self-check-in and another one through the owner.

The owner would be available at the lobby for receiving you and helping you with the check-in. The second type is actually very easy. You have to call the owner and he will tell you the room no. Now, I know you might be wondering how do we check-in without the keys. The keys are actually in the locker of the particular apartment.

After you enter the lobby you have to take a right and the lockers are right there. The locker of the particular room you are allotted would be open and you can get the key from there and check-in hassle-free.

The Lift System.

Unixx South Pattaya


I don’t know how many of you are familiar with this. I was not familiar with the lift system and this was something new for me. This is the reason I wanted it to mention this in the article.

The key to your apartment comes with a type of sensor attached to it. After you enter the lift you have to scan that sensor and then you can select the desired floor you want to go.

Without the key, you cannot use the lift here. This is a good and secure system but also a very non-convenient system. If you are a group then all have to exit at the same time and come back at the same time or else you won’t be able to use the lift and you will have to take the stairs.

This is a big disadvantage for me as a group.

Sky Gardens And Swimming Pools.

Unixx South Pattaya

The sky gardens and the swimming pools are the highlights of this place. This might be one of the main reasons why people love coming to this place very often. There were a few people staying in the place for more than 10 days just for this reason.

The view from the sky garden is just amazing and you can see the entire beach area from the top as you can see in the picture above. The Sky Garden is located on the 37th and the 41st floor. Both of them are in the opposite direction and you can get a view from both side of the building from them.

There are also 2 swimming pools in this Condo. The main one on the ground floor and the other one on the 6th floor. If you ask me, the pool on the 6th floor is better than the one on the ground floor. It is always full and the area is also quite small around. The one on the sixth floor is a little secluded and not many people go there.

One thing to note, you know about the key I mentioned earlier, you will need the same to visit the Sky Garden as you will have to scan it again at the door and without it, you won’t be able to get there.

About The Apartment.

Unixx South Pattaya

The apartment is a one-bedroom kitchen layout. You will have your own kitchen area and a bedroom area. As for the kitchen utensils, you will get all the basic thing you need, included in the price. There is an electric stove, a coffee maker, a fridge, plates, spoon, pans, basically everything you need to make a quick meal for yourself.

Moving on further to the bedroom area, you have a TV, a washing machine, iron, ironing board. Although the TV is useless for everyone except the Thai people. There are only Thai channels available there, not even sports, just the normal news and teleshopping channels. You can use a USB drive to watch anything though.

And yes, the most asked question you have Wi-Fi available in the apartment. There is a separate router for every apartment and the password is mentioned on the backside of the main door.

Surrounding Area.

Unixx South Pattaya

The Unixx South Pattaya has its own gym in case you have to work out. It is on the bottom floor just after the lobby ends. Again, to use it you would require the key card of your apartment and if you want to come alone then again you have to take the stairs.

They also have a mini-mart right near the gate of this Condo. You can get all the basic things for your breakfast and even lunch. The prices are a little more compared to the other supermarts like 7-eleven. You won’t notice the price if you never been to other marts.

The Price

The price was the main concern here for most of the people. After seeing all the photos and knowing about the stuff you can get with this apartment, people would be thinking that this apartment would cost a lot.

Well, the price for this apartment for one night is around Rs.1900 to Rs. Rs.2700 for two people depending upon the type of room you select. If you select a two-bedroom apartment it would cost you around Rs.4000 to Rs.5000 for 5 people for a single night.

Hope you like the short overview of the Unixx South Pattaya.

That’s it for today’s blog,

See you in the next one.


Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.

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