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Travel Itinerary – How to Plan a Perfect Trip.

Travel Itinerary – How to Plan a Perfect Trip.

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We all wish to have a perfect trip with all the fancy hotels and all the beautiful locations during our trip. Sitting beside a beautiful lake, having a great time with your family. Enjoying the sunsets and just having a perfect trip you thought. Well there is never a thing like a perfect trip, you always run into some other problems, or even find some more better things. Either which way you will find some unplanned things happening on your trip. Problems are actually very interesting for me, they are those things which later on turn into funny stories and beautiful memories to tell when I go back home. Sometimes it’s good, but for some of the people who don’t travel more frequently they start to worry and they panic.

Running into any problems in a different city with no familiar people around can get you really very upset. The people who travel regularly are used to these problems and they come up with other solutions. For those who find the problems very difficult to handle, and even those who enjoy their problems, I have a guide to make a well balanced travel itinerary, which will allow you to plan everything properly beforehand and if you run into some problem it will help you to get out from it without being totally worried about it. I have a checklist for you guys which you can check during your travels and it will keep you updated for your further plans and even give you some other options if your plan fails.

It is something I follow on my every trip, no matter whether it’s a week-long trip or just a one-day trip. And one more thing, this guide is not about solving any of difficulties for your travel essentials (clothes, equipment, etc.), it is only about the itinerary and the pre-booking things you need to do before you start your journey.

Let’s get started.

Travel Itinerary - How To Plan A Perfect Trip.

Starting with the basics, whenever you think of planning a trip, divide your whole trip into three parts.

  • Transport.
  • Accommodation.
  • Food.

For any trip you take, these three things will always be there, and you have to deal with them before hand and not after reaching the locations.

One rule I follow every time, is that whenever I set a budget for my trip I make sure that I spend 70% of amount on my accommodation and transport. It could be less, but I never make it more than 70% of the total amount. Whenever you set your mind, that you should not go beyond this limit, you will make yourself a habit of it and it will be very helpful for you for your trip. I will explain how further in the blog.


Travel Itinerary.

Transportation has three phases

  1. Reaching to the destination you want.
  2. Roaming in the country/state you have travelled.
  3. Getting back home from your destinations.

Let’s talk about the first and the third phase. They are basically the same.

Transportation should be done as early as possible for mainly two reasons,

  1. Availability.
  2. Discounts.

If you are group of more than 5-6 people, you might be wanting all of your members to get a confirmed berth, you don’t want even one of your members in a waiting lists. Early booking will definitely get you those confirmed seats you want, except in some cases. Not everyone likes to book in advanced, but if you concerned about the budget I would suggest you to book your tickets as early as possible. If you are a solo traveller or maybe only a two of you it doesn’t matter. This is for the first phase of your transportation. As I said early, the third phase is similar to the first one, it is good to book as early as possible. Nothing new to it.

Now comes the phase which most of the people tend to forget a lot. I mean they don’t forget about it, but they also don’t plan them well. Let me tell you something about my past trip experience. I recently went to manali, Himachal Pradesh. I had everything booked, right from train tickets to hotel reservation. I thought it was a perfectly planned trip, but the thing about which I completely forgot, was about the transport cost which I will require for reaching the hotel from the bus stand where the bus dropped me. I know most of the people don’t make this mistake, but I did it and I don’t want any of my readers to do it.

Wherever you are going make sure you pre plan and include the transport cost from the dropping locations or from railway station/airports to your respective hotels, and even keep a track of your cost you need for reaching the sights you wish to visit from your hotel. Make sure you keep them as low as possible, because this cost can damage your budget. If you are a group you should preferably book a cab, and even if you are solo then go for public transport.

I know it won’t be available as frequently as cabs, but trust me you will save a hell lot of money if you go for public transport. Like for instance, if you take a cab from a particular station to a hotel it will cost you around 3$-4$ (200-250 Indian Rupees) and for the same distance, if you take a bus it won’t cost you more than 0.23$ (15 Indian Rupees). This is a big amount a money you just saved.

Actually, when we reached a station/airport after travelling for 20-24 hours, we get exhausted and we actually don’t think about this and end up giving more money. And after we reach the hotel, take a nap and freshen up, we regret spending that much amount of money. So be careful with these spending. Never book a cab before reaching a particular station/airport, even if you a group.

Because you can’t say that the train/plane you board in, will reached your destination in time. These cabs driver charge you for waiting. Sometimes you get delayed for hours and these charges can get really VERY HIGH. Reach the destination, book a cab to the hotel from there and once you reach the hotel you can start booking for cabs. Sometimes the hotel in which you are staying also have some transport facilities and maybe they can even give you some discount. Do your research well, The More You Research the Less Expensive Your Trip Will Be. Even try to keep your dates flexible, it will also help you in saving some more money.

NOTE: Booking cabs at hotels only applies for group of 7-8 people, if you with 40-45 people you need to book it early. Hehehehehe……………

If you keep these things in mind you won’t face any problems in transportation part of your journey.


Travel Itinerary.

This part is very trendy now-a-days in the travel industry. You will see lot of promotions of various online travel companies, all their luxurious hotels and to lure you they even have some discounts for you. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against these companies, I myself use them on my every trip. I am just warning you to be away from the advertising of all their fancy hotels and all the useless offers. Not all their offers are bad, some of them are really value for money. You just need to pick the right one which suits you the best.

I will tell you a trick about how you can get discounts on these online sites, and this trick works every time. Say if you are using MakeMyTrip App, and are about to book a hotel through it. Don’t book as soon as you find the hotel in your budget. Do the following things to get discount or get a much better room in that same price range.

  1. Enter the city name you wish to book your stay, in the app the day before you want to book.
  2. Browse through the hotels, check the hotels which you like and keep checking for 5-10 mins.
  3. After that exit the app.
  4. Here comes the trick part, after you search for hotels in a particular cities and exit the app before booking them, the team which handles the app think that you didn’t like the deals they had and after 2-3 hours (not sure about the time), they send you a discount code for all the hotels in that city.
  5. And trust me this happens every single time, I had used this trick plenty of times. First I thought it’s just for one time, but every time you search and exit without booking they will surely send you a discounted coupon code.

Now they can either give you a discount on your price you fixed or they may charge you the same amount of money for a more superior hotel. Any which way you don’t have anything to loose. Make total use of this trick.

Note: Make sure you are logged in the app through your email id or phone number and not as a guest. This trick is applicable only for registered users.

Another thing to take into consideration is that while booking your hotels, make sure the hotels you book are near to the locations you are planning to visit or they are near the railway station/airport. This will help you save time and cost required for in city transport. Accommodation can either be very cheap or very expensive, it all depends on the type of person you are. If you are a kind of person for whom travelling means staying in 3 star 4 star hotel, then this tricks aren’t for you, and the major expense of your trip will be of the accommodation. But if you are a budget traveller, then this trick will surely help you save money on your stays. And the hotels which you will stay are not that bad enough, they are actually very good rated hotels. You won’t find any problems whatsoever.

A small tip when booking the number of days, you are going to stay in a hotel. While selecting the spots you are going to visit and making a lists of activities you are going to do for a certain number of days, make sure you leave one extra day at the end of the trip, before you leave the destination. This day can be for relaxation, for shopping, for exploring. Anything you want but I suggest you to keep an extra day, unless and until you are on a very tight budget. This is very important as you will get very exhausted roaming every day, you need at least one day for relaxing around.

For a safer side, make sure to look for more hotels near your hotel and check for availability. In case if something happens then you are not out of options, and you don’t have to run with your luggage searching for hotels at the last moment.


Travel itinerary

Every hotel which you book give you three options at the time of booking

  1. Room Only.
  2. Room + Breakfast.
  3. Room + Breakfast + Lunch/Dinner.

Some hotels even give you an option for room + breakfast + lunch + dinner. This option is totally waste of money, because wherever you will go, you won’t be staying at the hotel for a full day.

Now let’s about the option you should choose everytime. You should always choose the Room + Breakfast option. I will tell you the reason, whichever city you visit you must always try their local food. Every city in any country has its local food and you must try it once. Here’s the thing, when you go home you are going to eat the same thing you ate at the hotel. So what’s the point going there. At least once give it try, sometimes you love it, sometimes you don’t. But if you are a blogger like me, you will always have some content to share with your audience, and if you just a normal traveller you can share those experience with your family/friends. But don’t worry most of the time you will love the local food.

Make a list of local restaurants around your hotel, or you can even ask your hotel staff if they provide local food. Now even if your hotel is providing with local food don’t pre-book any lunch and dinner, go to the hotel and then you can to to the restaurant, because when you pre-book then most of the hotels have buffet service and even if you are not so fond of local food, you won’t find any options. So make sure you go there and choose your favourite cuisine.

Having these three things sorted won’t let you run into any problem.

Make sure you have a list of the following things whenever you leave for your trip.

  • Local transport timings (bus/train/metro). (For solo traveller)
  • Cab ongoing price (seeing new people, the driver tries to charge you more). (For group)
  • Hotels around your booked hotels. (Last minute charges, check out timings, distance from your hotel, contact numbers.)
  • Local restaurants.
  • The timings and charges of the monuments you are about to see.

Now you are all set to plan a perfect (not really) trip. Whether you are solo or whether you are travelling with your group.

With this I end this blog over here.

Hope you guys find it helpful.

Let me know if you have any queries in the comment section below.

Vishal Hadal.

Stubborn Hippie.

Note: None of the above links are affiliate links, i.e. I don’t receive any commission if you click on any of the above links.

Travel Itinerary - How To Plan A Perfect Trip.

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