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Solo Travel Vs Group Travel.

Solo Travel Vs Group Travel

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There is a big debate out there, whether you should travel solo or should you travel with a group. And there are very mixed up opinions of different people who have traveled solo and even with a group. Well, it is different from person to person. Some may like packing their bags and go out on an adventure all by themselves, or some people may like to travel with a group. Which one you should choose?????. There cannot be any fixed answer to this question. Frankly speaking, I don’t have an answer for you. But I will tell you about the things you should consider whether you are a solo traveler or you prefer to go with a group. But whichever type of travel you choose, you should take both the experiences. And then maybe you can yourself decide whether you are much into solo traveling or group traveling.

Solo Travel Vs Group Travel

Let’s start with SOLO TRAVEL.

These things should come to your mind, when you think of solo travel.

  • Safety.
  • Loneliness and Boredom.
  • Freedom.
  • Meeting New People.


This is one of the important things you should keep in mind, when it comes to solo travelling. The place you are visiting, is it good for alone person, are there any chances of being robbed. I’m not trying to scare you away, but you must think of these points wherever you plan to go solo. Safety is one of the reasons your parents will never allow you to go on a solo trip.

How to be safe while travelling solo?

While Exploring.

One way to be safe, is not go in a lonely place. Always visit the places which are crowded with people and try to visit these places in the daytime. If you are hiking to a mountain or just taking a walk in the city or doing any other thing, try to make friends on your way to the destinations. Never pretend that you don’t know about the place, you are visiting. Always research about the place. And even if you don’t research and don’t anything about that place, be cool and just relax. This is one of the biggest mistake people do, they just go with upset face and tell any stranger that they don’t know about this place or they are stuck in that place. NEVER DO THAT. Be calm and find any alternate solution rather than getting all attractive to burglar.

While Travelling.

If you love hitch-hiking and you do it very often, try to do it only during the daytime. It is much safer than the night time.

If you are the one traveling with public transport, like a city bus or something. Make sure you take you get a seat near the bus conductor or even if you get in the driver’s cabin it would be great and much safer.

While accommodation.

You should be very careful while choosing your stays. If you book hotels online, then make sure you choose a hotel with a good rating and the one with genuine reviews.


Getting bored and feeling lonely is very common while you are traveling alone. I myself have experienced it many times while I’m out there roaming somewhere alone. It is very common if you are doing it for the first or second time, you don’t need to worry about it. If you are solo traveling for a while, and you still feel the same then maybe solo traveling is not for you or you should try doing something during your travels so you won’t feel lonely or bored. This could be anything like watching your favorite TV series while traveling or reading books or listening to music or anything you love to do.

It all depends upon what type of person you are, you just need to figure out what you love doing so you won’t feel lonely anymore. If you still not enjoying your trip, then you should avoid traveling solo.


Freedom is the main reason I love to solo travel so much. You can do whatever you want, you can go wherever you want without any restrictions. If you love a place, you can sit and relax there for as much long as you want. You can arrange you own trip without having other people with different opinions. It is very stressful while planning a trip alone, and it takes a lot of planning to do it, but the most important thing is you don’t have to worry about other people’s interest while planning a trip. Once you get a habit a doing it, you will surely love the process. Just remember one thing, don’t over plan your trip.

Keep some free hours/days during your trip and don’t make a tight schedule. If you go to a place and after you reach there, you learn that there is some festival or something traditional the next day, and you won’t be attending it because of your tight schedule, you will blame yourself for it. So better you keep your dates flexible so you can stay for an extra day or even go earlier from a place which is not as interesting as you thought. There is no point, going to a certain place and having a time limit to visit it. You probably won’t go there soon, so it’s better you enjoy it once and you do it in such a way, that you will remember it for the rest of your life.


Note: If you want to learn about planning your perfect trip, check out my blog on TRAVEL ITINERARY: HOW TO PLAN A PERFECT TRIP”.

Solo Travel Vs Group Travel.


This is really an interesting part of about traveling, meeting new people, getting to know them and hearing to their travel stories. If you love meeting new people, you should prefer staying in the hostels. Hostels are the best way to know more fellow travelers. You will find many people in the hostels, you just need to be open to talk to everyone freely.

These people may have some travel advises or some travel hacks for you which you might not know and you can also tell them about some advises you know which they are unaware of. After meeting new people, you can also tell them about your travel stories, if you are a blogger/vlogger you can tell them about your website or your YouTube channel. It is a very good way of increasing your audience and you know that these people are travelers, so you don’t need to worry about getting your content to the right audience.

Let’s move on to GROUP TRAVELLING.

Group traveling can be fun and awesome, having a lot of pro’s it also has cons.

While going on a group journey you must take these points into consideration.

  • Easy and Safe.
  • Rules and Opinions.
  • Fun
  • Cheap
  • No Change, Only Fixed Plan and Very Speedy.


Group travelling is very easy and safe compared to solo travelling. If you are planning a group tour, you would probably choose one of the existing trips all these travel companies have and there isn’t any hassle during planning the trip. Safety is no more an issue while in a group, no one ever even tries to rob a group, or there are less chances of group being robbed than a solo traveler. So if you don’t need any problems during the planning of your trip, and you consider safety as your first priority then group travel is a way to go.


Boy, there are so many rules for group traveling. Starting from the time you should wake up till the food you will eat at dinner, everything needs to be done in a given amount of time. You cannot be late or even you cannot make any changes to the trip. Whichever place you are visiting, you have a particular time period to visit that place and you cannot extend your time there if you love the place. It’s not the fault of the tour operators that they give you a certain time limit, it’s because they have a whole schedule planned for you and they might have even paid for the upcoming thing, so they don’t want any of your money to go waste.


Let me tell you a story about my group travel. Last year in January, we had this trip to Chandigarh to a place called Rock Garden. It was really a beautiful place, also it was very big and to roam it completely, you almost need around 6-7 hours. It can be done quickly, but you would or wouldn’t want any rush. Reaching this place, we all were very excited about the place until we hear a line from the operator “THE BUS LEAVES IN 3 HOURS, COME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.” I mean just 3 hours for a place which requires almost twice the time, it is very unfair. So this is one thing you need to think before going on group travel.

If you are just going to have fun with your friends and you don’t care anything about the new place, then you should go with group travel. But if you are really into exploring places, then you won’t be totally satisfied when you travel with a group.

If you are travelling a group tour all by yourself then there would be many opinions coming out during planning. Someone would love one place or someone would suggest another place. This keeps on going and it becomes very difficult to plan a trip with keeping everybody’s interest in mind. Opinions are good, but too much opinions really make a big mess.


This is the best thing about group travel. You get to have so much fun and you enjoy very much. Traveling solo is also fun, but you usually end up with strangers and maybe you might not be comfortable opening up to strangers. But things are very different during group travel, you know the people around you, maybe they are your friends, your colleagues. You can behave in whichever manner you want without worrying about anything. 75% of people choose group traveling only to have fun with their friends, visiting a new place is just an excuse. The real thing is enjoyment. This is because you will probably never get a chance to go on a trip, maybe you’ll get very busy with your life or whatever the reason is.

Having fun is very important whether it is a solo travel or group travel. There is no point in just going to a random place and returning unhappy or just complaining about things that didn’t go well.



Who doesn’t love saving money, right? During your group travel, you can split up your bills wherever you go. And if you are booking your travels from any agencies/travel companies, they will surely give you a good discount if you are a big group.

These are a few ways where you can save your money and make your travel a little cheap.

  • Food.
  • Transport (Taking a cab can be very cheap for people in a group).
  • Rooms (Staying 3-4 persons in one room) (Only applicable if you are planning group travel without any travel agency).
  • Activities (If you are visiting any adventure spot, then there definitely are some activities you would want to do. Going in a group can be very good and you would end up getting a big discount at this).
  • Clubs (If you are party freak, sometimes the entry fees for the clubs are very high and some clubs don’t even give entries to solo travelers.


Remember I told you about your trip flexible and how you can manage your trip. Well, you don’t get any of these options in an organized group tour. You would have to be always on a fixed itinerary. You have to follow it whether you like it or not. It’s not that bad to have a fixed itinerary. But you would want to stay to a place which you like and maybe you aren’t visiting it again. Most of the group tours are very tight on schedule.

Now talking about speedy, every morning you have to rush during your group tour. Not a single morning goes relaxed. 3-4 People staying in one hotel room may take a lot of time to get ready, so you need to get up early in the morning because of only one shared bathroom. This makes you very tired and you sometimes wouldn’t feel good about it.

These are the things to be taken into consideration while making the decision of whether taking a solo trip or a group trip.

There is never a fixed answer to this question as I said, IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE.

Go through the blog and see which things suit you and which don’t and I hope this blog will help you make a good decision for yourself.


Let me know about your past travel experiences in the comment section below.

With this, I conclude this blog here.

See you guys in my next blog.

Vishal Hadal.

Stubborn Hippie.

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