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Everyone knows that travelling to a new destination is a very fun part. Everybody just loves and enjoys it, but before the fun part, the first thing you need to do is planning. I have listed down every travel resources I use and these are very helpful while travelling alone or even with group.

The list of resources mentioned here are everything from traveling resources, blogging resources and also the lists of gears I use.

* NOTE – Some of the links placed below are affiliate links. i.e. I get a small commission if you use those links. 


Booking flights is the most important part of your travel. It is also the most expensive part of your trip. So, it becomes very necessary that you don’t get overcharged while booking the flight tickets. First thing you want to do is you need to check multiple websites for booking flights to make sure you are paying the right price.

My Go-To Flights booking website. SkyScanner helps you search the lowest fare for your flights. Most of my trips are booked through this website. I have managed to get very cheap fares for my recent South Asian trips.

Another alternative for searching cheap flight tickets. This is also very reliable option. I just don’t like their user interface and feel it is a little complicated than the other ones. 

This one is another addition to my cheap flight search website. Kiwi is another much user friendly and give cheap rates for the flights.

This is one website which I have used for booking flights. I wouldn’t recommend using this at first. Use this only when there are discount on certain credit cards. If you have the particular credit card then you could save a lot of money on your flights.


Tons of website out there for booking accommodations, many of them offer different rates for the same room. It becomes necessary that you only pay the right price for you stay. Here are some of the websites I use for booking my stay during my trip. These will help you get your booking at a very convenient rate.

My no.1 website for booking my stays. The best part I love about this site is the referral program it offers to almost all their customers. I use this referral program every single time I book any accommodation from them.

Another very reliable website for booking hotels. One of the best in the market. This is also very helpful for getting you hotels at a very good rate. This website will never disappoint you.

Looking for apartments in a foreign country?? This is the best site for getting apartments and even hotels. I only use it for apartments as their website is very user friendly and you can book an apartment with just a single click.

Yes, hostels are always the best for a solo traveler. They are great for getting along with people with different cultures all around the world. You can find the most amazing hostels on this site. I don’t use this site directly, but I do compare the prices while booking hostels.

Want to stay with a local?? Couchsurfing is an great initiative as it allows travelers to stay with local, learn their cultures and the best part is that it is completely free.

Getting Around.

Wandering around in a foreign country and winding up lost is the last thing you would want. The apps below are very useful for getting around in almost any part of the world. 

Yes it is exactly like the name suggests. It tells you how you can go from one place to another. It shows you the available options available for the transit like buses, taxis, trains, ferry, etc. 

Very obvious. A very friendly tool for a traveler. There are some places where you wont get any internet connectivity, this is where the offline feature comes into the picture. Offline the area where you are about to travel before leaving.

This app is only valid for those traveling around Mumbai. It has every thing you will need when traveling around Mumbai. Trains timings, Bus number, Metro schedule, driving rules, basically each and each thing which is necessary.


These are my gears which I use for my travels. Not the greatest and best, but these are the ones from which I started traveling journey and haven’t felt the need of upgrading.

This is my primary camera. 90% of the photos on this website are clicked using this camera. 

GoPro’s are the best. I wished I had this right from the start when I started my traveling journey. They are the best in the market when it comes to adventures. I have a little older model but it gets the job done.

There are places where no cameras and GoPro are allowed. You need a decent phone camera during these situations. The Glalaxy A50 has a great camera and the wide angle feature on this one really help me get those crazy wide angle shots.

One of the cheapest lens with an 1.8 aperture. The bokeh effect on this lens is just amazing. Due to the low aperture this helps me shoot in low lighting conditions.

The most trusted companion of a solo traveler. You need a tripod to click you photos because you cannot tell people to click your pictures every time. Trust me this would be a very good investment as a solo traveler.

My work station. My every picture and video is edited on this thing. It is not the best in the business but it does the ob done for me.

A very sturdy and comfortable rucksack. I could walk with this on my back and it would still be very comfortable after a few km.

Money Apps.

Not always you have the required amount of cash for payment. Also, now with all the online payment merchants all around the world, you also need some of these apps for smooth and better transactions

Best service for national international transactions. This is also a good site for receiving payments from a foreign site.

One of the top Money transferring apps in India.

This app has really came a lot into business recently. The best part about this is that it offers cashback on mostly every 2nd 3rd transactions and even with the lowest amount.

After the concept of Digital India, you will see Paytm QR code scanner sin almost every shops in India. This also comes very handy for making any online transactions in general stores, restaurants, etc.

Website Essentials.

Everything I use on my website to keep it running, from Themes, Hosting, Email marketing service, page builder, etc. They help me keep up my website and at the same time very easy to use even for those who have no knowledge of coding and stuff.

This is the place I use for hosting my Website. They have certain plans for a period of 1 year, 2 year and even 3 years. Their basic package is perfect for newbie bloggers. Make sure you take the package for maximum duration as the prices would be low on those packages.

The reason for choosing this is because of the free package it offers to beginners. You can use this service free until you have 2000 subscribers. Later on you can choose from the one of their existing packs according to your needs.

A very lightweight theme which doesn’t slow up your website and is very affordable too.  The support you can get from this is very good, the developer takes care of his customers even after the product is sold. That is the best thing I’m looking for, if I’m purchasing a product online.

A very reliable page builder which goes perfectly with GeneratePress. A simple drag and drop editor which would definitely help you design your website in a way you want.

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