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Railay Beach: The Complete One Day Guide.

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Railay beach is one of the popular one-day getaways from Ao Nang Beach, Krabi. Everyone who comes to Krabi has to visit Railay Beach. Not necessary that you have to visit this for just one day, you can spend a few days here.

Most of the people will prefer to go here for just a day and I get it. The schedule might be tight or there might be another reason. Doesn’t matter if you choose just one day for coming here, I am going to share the top things you can do in Railay Beach in a single day.

Below is a mop of Railay beach, you can use this as a reference and check out the things nearby and plan your own itinerary.

I am listing around 7 things you can do, but even if you choose to do just 3 to 4 things, I’m sure you will have a great time here.


Top Things to do in Railay Beach are

1) Relax at West Railay Beach.

This is the place where your boat will leave you. Even before coming here, you will start loving this place as you look at it from the boat. The longtail boats from Ao Nang will cost you around THB 200 for a return ticket.

This is one of the cheapest getaways from Ao Nang Beach. Also, if you visit other islands you have to pay a National Park Fee, whereas here you don’t. So, this place tops the lists of the budget travelers in Krabi.

After entering the premises, you will be awed by the location. It is a very beautiful place which gives you kind of an island vibe. Mountains around you, people swimming in the beach, others just chilling under a tree with a coconut in their hands. Everything just looks quite amusing.

This would be the place where you would start and end your journey. It is up to you whether you choose to spend your time here at the beginning or at the end. It is good for a swim and just chilling around. There are also a few restaurants just a few minutes away from the beach.


2) Rock Climbing.

Railay beach is famous for Rock Climbing. People who come here just for Rock Climbing directly go to the Tonsai beach. It is where all the major Rock-Climbing activities take place.

There are many people who offer you Rock Climbing at different rates. You can bargain from a few local people, you might get lucky sometime and do the activity at a very cheap price.

The Tonsai beach is located near the West Railay Beach, in case you plan for a Rock-Climbing activity make sure you take a boat directly to Tonsai beach rather than the Railay beach.


3) Know about the old tradition at Phra Nang Cave.

This is kind of weird, awkward place. There are wooden phallic shaped objects in this cave and people actually worship them. At first, it sounds a little crazy and weird and after you get to know about the tradition you find it makes some sense.

Their reason behind this is that the local fisherman believes that this cave is the place of the sea princess and they bring these wooden objects as offering to her. There is a big ancient history behind it. The locals know it better. They also believe that this offering helps them with fertility.

If you visit this place, try and get to know about this from the locals. They will tell you properly about it.

This cave is located on the east side of the Railay beach. It is just a 15 min walk from West Railay Beach. You can also use the long tail boats to get here.


4) Swim in the clear waters of Phra Nang Beach.

Yes, Yes, Yes. This is probably the thing which the majority of you have come for. To dive on the clear water along the coast of the beach. This place is definitely worth it when it comes to swimming.

The water is not the clearest, but far clearer than you will ever see in Mumbai. The beach gets very crowded in the afternoon as most of the people come here to swim after the tiring climb to the viewpoint. Try and get here in the morning as possible and you can have the beach to yourself.


5) Climb up to the viewpoint of Railay Beach.

This place is definitely the highlight of Railay Beach. The view from the top is just mesmerizing and very pleasing. You will surely love it.

It is a decent climb of around 15 to 20 mins which is completely uphill. There are ropes for support all along the way up. Don’t try this in the rainy season and even if you do then be very careful as the way gets all slushy and slippery.

To reach this point you can start walking from the West Railay Beach to the east from the center point. This way is easily visible and you can find it right on the front. After reaching the East Railay Beach, you take a right turn and start walking towards the end until you find a narrow road.

At the end of this road, you will find a board saying DRONES ARE PROHIBITED HERE. That is the place from where you have to take another right turn and then after walking for another 5 mins, you will reach the entry point of the climb.


6) Rent a Kayak or surfboard.

Kayaks are available quite easily here and people also use them for going from the West Railay Beach to the Phra Nang Beach.

The charges are around THB 200 for an hour or so.

It is the best way to go around the unseen places around the beach. You can kayak and go to the least crowded places and have a great time around.

Kayaks are also great for photographs, the pictures come out to be very pleasing and calm.

There are many vendors here which offer you different rates. The ones right beside the beach are quite convenient as they are easy to find and you won’t have to search for them inside the walking area.

Try and rent the ones which are closer to the beach as possible and you will be good.


7) Witness the sunset.

My favorite thing to do ever. Whichever beach, an island I go, I never miss the sunsets. They are just so relaxing. I love the way the sun sets and everything just starts slowing down calmly.

The only problem here is if you take a day trip then you won’t be able to see the sunset. You have to take a single ticket for THB 100 and an evening return ticket worth THB 150.

The last boat leaves around 6 p.m. and that time you won’t be able to see the sunset.


These are the things you will find on Railay beach.

There might be other things as well, but I have only mentioned the things which I did personally.

Back your bags and start your Krabi journey right now.

See you on my next blog.

Stubborn Hippie,

Vishal Hadal.

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