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Malaysia Transportation System (GoKL Bus).


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The Malaysia Transportation system is one of the best transportation systems in the business. It is very convenient for the traveler as well as the local people. Even if you are new to the city it won’t take much time to get used to it. Especially the GoKL Buses which are absolutely free. There is every detail you need to know about GoKL buses down below.

Unlike India, the trains in Malaysia are expensive as compared to the buses. In India, the trains are considered cheap and a major source of transport. Malaysia on the other side has a very cheap bus service all around the country. They even have a bus service called as the GoKL bus which is totally free for the public. This service is not only just for the people staying in Malaysia but for the all the international travelers all around the world.

GoKL Bus

There are 90% chances that you will enter Malaysia through Kuala Lumpur which is the capital city. This place is very well connected to every city throughout Malaysia. You can get trains, buses directly from the airport if you want to travel to a different city. The prices between the trains and buses are very high. For e.g. if you are travelling from the airport to the main Kuala Lumpur center by bus, the ticket is RM 11 (Rs.193/$2.6). The train on the other hand will cost you around RM 55 (Rs.966/$13.4), which is almost 5 times more. Most of the budget travelers prefer bus to travel to the main city center.

95% of the time I used the buses to travel around Malaysia. It was just one time I used the train service in Malaysia. It’s up to you whether you want to travel by bus or you are okay with paying more and travelling by train.

Intercity Travel

 The main hubs for travelling to a different city from Kuala Lumpur are KL Sentral and TBS (Terminal Bersapadu Selatan). These stops are well connected to almost every city in Malaysia. You can get buses and trains both from KL Sentral and buses from TBS (Terminal Bersapadu Selatan).

During my visit to Malaysia I went to Penang island. I caught a bus from TBS and came back to KL Sentral. Make sure you check the timings for the buses to your following destinations. You can also book the bus tickets online. If you do so, make sure you have a printout of your ticket otherwise you won’t be allowed on board.

There are many bus companies running from Kuala Lumpur to various other places in Malaysia, you can choose from any of them. The prices vary according to the type of bus you would choose, but you will definitely get them cheaper than the trains.

You can also use the airlines to travel to major cities. The most budget friendly flights are from Air Asia. Only thing you need to take care is you are only allowed 7 kgs in cabin baggage and for more luggage you have to pay more.

In-city Travel

Assuming your in-city travel would be around Kuala Lumpur, you won’t find it difficult to explore the city using the public transport. The major bus service in Kuala Lumpur is MyRapid or RapidKL. During my visit to Penang, I used the same bus service. The name there was RapidPenang. Not sure if it is for every other place in Malaysia. But, these two places are almost same. Just a one difference is that there are no GoKL buses/ free buses in Penang. They have free buses which operate locally but not as much as Kuala Lumpur.

Don’t get confused between the RapidKL And GoKL. The RapidKL is a paid bus service whereas the GoKL is the free one. Both the buses almost look identical from a long distance.

Let me talk about the ticketing system in Malaysia.

  • Buses

If you are using the the RapidKL buses, they have a very different ticketing system from India. In, India we have bus conductors who come and ask tickets from you and you pay them. While, Malaysia is very different, most of the buses have only drivers and they have a money box where you put your money before you enter the bus.

One most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to put exact change in the box. The bus driver won’t return any change back to you so keep this thing in mind.

  • Trains

GoKL Bus

This is same as every metro ticket you buy, nothing new in this. You just buy the tickets at the counter, they will give you the tokens and you are good to go. The only one time I used the train is when I travelled to Batu Caves. Other than that, I was travelling everywhere bus in the city. The trains tickets are not too high for in-city travel. But if you are getting free bus service it doesn’t make sense that you use a paid public transportation service.

Now let me explain you in detail about the GoKL Buses.

One of the most unique factors which separates Malaysia from the rest of the world is its free bus service which has been started by the government. It is initiated to ensure that people use more public transportation rather than the private vehicles and it also is a good measure for reducing pollution. These buses run from every major part of Kuala Lumpur. They have been into service since 31st August 2012.

The buses are operational from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays and from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends. It has become one of the most reliable sources of transportation from the past few years. These buses run every 10-15 mins at every stop.

GoKL Bus

These services have 4 lines of buses

  1. Red Line.
  2. Purple Line.
  3. Green Line.
  4. Blue Line.

They connect almost every major part of the city from KL Sentral to the Petronas Towers to Bukit Bintang. You just need to know which line you have to take for your destination.

Let’s start with these lines.

Beginning with the red line,

The red line starts from KL Sentral (which is the main hub of Kuala Lumpur for buses, metros, etc) all the way to KTM Kuala Lumpur. The stops on the red line are as follows –

  1. KL Sentral.
  2. Plaza Sentral.
  3. Muzium Negara.
  4. Masjid Negara.
  5. Dataran Merdeka. (Sultan Abdul Samad Building).
  6. Menara DBKL.
  7. Medan Mara.
  8. Puteri Park Hotel
  9. Chow Kit.
  10. Grand Seasons Hotel.
  11. Terminal Pekeliling.
  12. Hospital Damai.
  13. Monorel Chow Kit.
  14. Pasar Chow Kit.
  15. SRI Amar.
  16. Pertama Kompleks.
  17. Global Silk Store.
  18. Coliseum
  19. Dataran Merdeka.
  20. Dayabhumi
  21. KTM Kuala Lumpur

If you need a free map you can get it on their site. Here is the link. GoKL.

Now these stops can be very confusing for those who are new and don’t know much about them.

The only thing you need to know, is that the red line connects you to KL Sentral and can be accessed from most of the stops in the city. The major places you might visit are Dataran Merdeka which has the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the KL City Gallery. Dataran Merdeka has two stops, one bus coming from KL Sentral and the other going to KL Sentral. You have to board the bus accordingly.

Now talking about the most popular line which is the purple line.

This is my favorite line, it connects every popular part of city. Bukit Bintang, KL Tower, Heli Lounge Bar, Pasar Seni, Central Market, Pentaling Street, China Town. If you are visiting one of these places, which you definitely will, then you should use the purple line.

The Stops for purple line are as follows –

  1. Pasar Seni (China Town, Pentaling Street, Central Market)
  2. Bangkok Bank.
  3. Muzium Telekom.
  4. Menara Olympia
  5. KL Tower.
  6. The Weld.
  7. Wisma Foo Yong (Heli Lounge Bar)
  8. Wisma Cosway.
  9. Pavilion.
  10. Bukit Bintang.
  11. Wisma Boustead
  12. Menara MPL.
  13. Jalan Raja Chulan.
  14. Menara Olympia.
  15. Kotaraya.

The green line

Another main location where 90% of the tourist go after coming to Malaysia are the Petronas Towers. For going to these towers, you will have to catch a green line bus. It will directly take you in-front of the Petronas Towers. The stop where you want to get down is Angkasaraya/KLCC. The green line’s first stop is here.

The stops on the green line are

  1. KLCC.
  2. Menara BSN.
  3. Matic.
  4. Renaissance Hotel.
  5. Concorde Hotel.
  6. Life Centre.
  7. Wisma Cosway
  8. Pavilion
  9. Bukit Bintang
  10. Wisma Boustead
  11. Menara MPL.
  12. Wisma Rohas Perkasa
  13. Grand Hyatt Hotel
  14. Exxon Mobile
  15. CitiBank
  16. Wisma Atlan

Talking about the blue line, I never used this. Most of my to-do things in Malaysia were covered using the other three lines. But, if you want to use the blue line, do check out the map on their website. Here is the link. It will give you accurate data about that line. Specifically, I didn’t use the blue line so can’t give you the exact information..

GoKL Bus

That’s it for today’s blog.

Hope you guys find it helpful.

Have a great day.

See you in my next blog.

Keep Travelling, Keep Budgeting.

Founder, Stubborn Hippie,

Vishal Hadal.

GoKL Bus

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