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How can you get Malaysia Visa (eNTRI Visa) in just 10-15 Minutes.

eNTRI Visa

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Getting a visa while traveling to a different country might be quite a painful thing for some people. Well, there is good news for all Indians and Chinese Nationals. Getting a Malaysia Visa (eNTRI Visa) is as easy as signing up for a google account or a Facebook account. Malaysian Government has made it that easy for all of us. So, if you are planning to visit Malaysia and trying to get a Malaysia visa (eNTRI Visa) you should read this article.

People think getting a visa is a very tough and difficult process. Well, this process is very simple as compared to others.

The system which the Malaysian Government has started is called an eNTRI visa. It is a simple process which would hardly take you 10-15 mins max to get your visa all ready.

eNTRI Visa

What is eNTRI visa?

Electronic Travel Registration & Information (eNTRI) is an online registration facility provided by the Government of Malaysia to facilitate the entrance of Indian Nationals into Malaysia under the Visa Waiver Programme. An eNTRI Note will be issued as proof of the registration and it is required to be presented upon arrival in Malaysia.

The cost of this visa is 20$ (Rs.1420). And while you pay them through your credit/debit card they charge you around 2.5$ (Rs.180) as processing fees. So, the total cost for this visa is around 22.5$ (Rs.1600).

This visa is valid for 3 months (90 days) after you apply i.e. you can visit Malaysia anytime in these 3 months. This is a single-entry visa. Once you use them then it expires and if you want to visit Malaysia again you need to re-apply for this visa. You can stay in Malaysia for 15 days using this visa. This visa cannot be extended if you want so do plan your trip accordingly. I believe 15 days are enough for a trip in a few parts of Malaysia i.e. Kuala Lumpur/Penang/Langkawi/Melaka. Unless you wish to do a long trip, you should be fine with this visa.

Steps for applying for eNTRI Visa

  • On the main screen click on “NEW USER.”

eNTRI Visa

  • After this, you register on their website and fill out your details
  • You should receive a confirmation email when you complete your registration.
  • After you are done, come back to the home screen and click on “RETURNING USER.”

eNTRI Visa

  • Log in with your email id
  • After login-in, you will reach a screen which has eVisa on the left side and eNTRI Visa on the right side.

eNTRI Visa

  • Click on Enroll eNTRI Program.
  • You will see a rules/guide pop up page, just read all the details and click on proceed.

eNTRI Visa

  • This registration form is the final application you have to fill, so make sure you fill out every detail correctly as you cannot change anything after this. And if you enter the wrong information by mistake then you won’t be able to rectify it and that visa will be invalid.
  • Here, upload your photograph, passport scan (back and front), flight tickets, accommodation proof.
  • Fill out your travel information (arrival and departure), address in India, address in Malaysia (Hotel address), passport information and select your payment option.

eNTRI Visa

  • This is it, your application is done and when you do the payment, your application will be approved and you can print this.

Documents required for applying for this visa

  1. Passport print. (Back and front side)
  2. Passport photo. (scanned photo is not valid, so go to a studio and get a soft copy of your photo with white background)
  3. Accommodation proof. (Optional)
  4. Flight Tickets (Return).

Documents you required when you enter Malaysia.

  1. eNTRI Visa Printout. (Color/Black)
  2. (With 6 Months of validity)
  3. Boarding Pass.
  4. Flight Tickets. (Return tickets within 15 days)
  5. Accommodation Proof and Proof of Funds. (They don’t always ask you this, but it will be good if you have these.)

That’s it, you don’t need anything more. You don’t need to show any proof of funds while applying for the visa. You just keep these documents handy and your visa will be approved in just 10 mins.

For more in-detail information you should go and visit their website which has all the FAQ’s you would need regarding this visa. They have everything included in their website which will help you regarding your every query. They also have a live chat feature so you can directly ask the executive if you don’t understand anything on their website.

Their official website is –

There are two different types of visa that you can get online.

  1. eVisa
  2. eNTRI Visa.

The eVisa and eNTRI Visa are two different things, don’t get confused with them. If you are just visiting for 10 – 12 days then this eNTRI Visa is best for you.

This visa is valid from 11th Jan 2019 – 31st Dec 2019.

Important Notes –

  1. Do not use any third-party websites to fill the application form of eNTRI Visa. They can be fake sometimes.
  2. Never ask an agent to get you this visa, they will charge you 600 – Rs.700 (8.5$ – 9.8$) more for this visa. They will tell you that it is a very complicated process and they will help you with this. Let me tell you, the process is very simple and anyone can fill it. Do it yourself and save your money.
  3. Many OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) are also giving you offers for Malaysia visa @ 3100 (43.7$). They will give you the same eNTRI Visa for more price. Be careful from such OTA’s.
  4. This is the only website where you can get authentic eNTRI Visa, so always get your visa through this official site only.

That’s it for today’s blog.

Thank You for being here,

Hope you guys find it helpful.

See you guys in my next blog.

Founder, Stubborn Hippie,

Vishal Hadal.

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Nikhil Gala

indeed 1600/- if applied by self, it’s very easy.
online services charging 2500/- and showing the process as complicated and panic customers.

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