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Krabi Budget Travel Guide: 6 Days in Just Rs.10500 (THB 4660).

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

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Krabi is considered to be one of the cheap cities in Thailand as compared to others. Even so, many people spend a lot of money here as they are unaware of where to spend it. Like every city, Krabi also has a lot of option including budget and the expensive one. I am going to share my Krabi Budget Travel Guide so you can spend 6 days here for just Rs.10500 (THB 4660).

Let me tell you the overall budget before starting the article. The overall cost for me including my flight tickets was Rs.22700 ($328). The cost mentioned in the title is excluding the flights because not necessary that every one of you coming to Krabi would get a flight at the same rate which I got.

Let’s begin with the currency and conversion.

The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht. The conversion rate when I went to Krabi was around THB 1 = Rs.2.21.

2 Months ago, when I went to Krabi, I got THB 4660 for Rs.10500.

So, this budget itinerary is for THB 4660. Your budget would be according to the current conversion rate.

Another factor here is where you land in Thailand. The tickets to Krabi are quite expensive from Mumbai. You can book your flights from Mumbai to Phuket which would be cheaper and from Phuket, you can go to Krabi at a very normal rate.

I got my return flight tickets from Mumbai to Phuket for just Rs.12200 ($176). The price is usually higher than this, I booked it during some offer period. You should also wait as there are various offers many times in a year. Keep your dates flexible and you will surely get a good rate on your flights.

Now starting with the actual article.

Day 1: Total Budget (THB 4660).

I arrived at Phuket Airport and I knew it was going to be a long journey to Krabi. Before I came to Krabi I did some research about how to get from Phuket airport to Krabi in a cheap way. Let me tell you about those ways.

The best budget way to get to Krabi from Phuket is to take a bus. This bus is not available at the airport, you will have to go to Phuket Bus Terminal 2 in Phuket town.

There are two ways of going to this terminal.

1) Take a minivan directly to Phuket Bus Terminal 2.

The cost is THB 150. These minivans are just outside the airport you will easily find them.

2) Take the airport bus from Phuket airport till Phuket Bus Terminal 1 and from there catch a songthaew to Phuket Bus Terminal 2.

For all those wondering what a songthaew is? It is a kind of public vehicle which accommodates around 10 12 people. It is more like a bus than a taxi.

The cost is THB 90 till Phuket Bus Terminal 1 and further THB 15 till Phuket Bus terminal 2. If you choose this way you will save almost THB 45. I always say these little saving really piles up to a big amount in the end.

Some guidelines if you choose the second option.

The airport buses are not outside the airport. And whenever you ask them no one will tell you because mostly of the people standing outside are those with minivans. To catch the airport bus, you will have to take a left turn after you exit towards the domestic terminal. Walk all the way till the end and you will find these buses painted in all yellow color.

After reaching Phuket Bus Terminal 2, you can catch a bus to Krabi town. The price is THB 140. The buses are very good and comfortable. They are air conditioned as well. Next step would be to go from Krabi town to Ao Nang Beach.

Another tip for you would be to choose a hostel near Ao Nang Beach rather than Krabi town. The most happening places and even the ferry rides are from Ao Nang Beach. You would be wasting money every day to go from Krabi town to Ao Nang Beach.

Now talking about the options from Krabi Town to Ao Nang Beach. Again, you can catch songthaew which will take you to Ao Nang Beach in just THB 60.

Your overall cost from Phuket International Airport to Ao Nang Beach would be 90 + 15 + 140 + 60 = THB 305.

This is the cheapest way for you to get from Phuket to Krabi.

The remaining amount would be THB 4660 – THB 305 = THB 4355.

Reaching Krabi

After arriving in Krabi I checked into a hostel called Balcony Party Hostel. The price for 5 nights was THB 1080. In this price, they gave me a towel, free coupons for barbeque every night. This hostel is right next to Ao Nang Beach and plus this is a very good party hostel. You should definitely stay here when you come to Krabi.

Note: This hostel is being temporarily closed for renovation purpose. I’ll update you when it starts accepting the booking.

Till then you can check the below hostels near the Beach area.

It was already late in the evening till the time I checked out and freshened up. I decided to take a walk around the beach and eat something nearby. I was very hungry as I was just on normal snacks the whole day. Just near my hostel, there was this lady selling Pad Thai, the famous Thailand dish. Without any second thought, I went and decided to have it as I had heard a lot about it. She didn’t disappoint me, it was really good.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

The price was THB 70. I also had this orange juice beside it which was for around THB 40.

My first day in Thailand and the dinner was just perfect. Sitting right next to the beach with some Pad Thai, free barbeque skewers and some orange juice. It was the perfect end to a very tiring day.

Total amount left after day 1 was THB 4355 – (THB 1080 + THB 110) = THB 3165.

Day 2: Total Budget (THB 3165).

The second day I got up early and I went to Railay Beach which is just 15 – 20 mins boat ride from Ao Nang Beach.

The boat ride is the only way of transportation from Ao Nang Beach. There is no road connectivity here. Talking about the price, a return ticket from Ao Nang Beach to Krabi would cost you around THB 200.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

There are many vendors which could quote you more than this amount. To buy these tickets walk towards the end of Ao Nang Beach and there would be a counter which sells all types of boat tickets there. Here is where you can get the best rate.

Railay Beach.

One of the most amazing places to be in Krabi. There are many things to do in Railay beach. You can easily spend an entire day here. It is recommended to stay for at least 2 days here because it is said that you can see one of the best sunsets of your life from Railay Beach.

There are many things you can do here. I did many activities here, which I would tell you in a different blog.

You can do many things for free here as I did. The only amount I spent was on the boat rides.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

My overall cost for day 2 was THB 200 (Boat) + THB 180 (2 Times Meals) = THB 380.

The total amount left after day 2 was THB 3165 – THB 380 = THB 2785.

Day 3: Total Budget (THB 2785).

Staying with hostels has its own benefit. They guide you in every possible way and some of them even offer tours at a low price compared to the other agents.

I had the same experience during my stay at a hostel. I wanted to do kayaking and I had asked a few tour agents nearby my hostel about the pricing. The price quoted to me was THB 700 – THB 850. I didn’t know the price and I was almost ready to give THB 700 as it was the cheapest rate which was offered to me.

Going back to my hostel, I saw a poster which mentioned kayaking tour. I just went and asked the receptionist there whether they provide kayaking trips. She said, “yes.” I asked her about the price and she said it was THB 600. Without any second thoughts, I went and booked the tour.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

This was definitely my best decision, the tour was just amazing. I wanted to do this tour for a very long time. It was really worth it.

A little advice about the kayaking tour.

There are many types of kayaking tours like Full Day Tour, Half Day Morning Tour, Half Day Afternoon, Sunset Tour. You can choose from various of these options.

The lowest is the Half day morning and afternoon tours for around THB 400 – THB500. The most value for money for budget travelers is the sunset tour. You will never regret this tour.

Choose according to your budget and you should be fine.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

Total expense for Day 3 was THB 600 + THB 170 = THB 770.

The total amount left after day 3 was THB 2785 – THB 770 = THB 2015.

Day 4: Total Budget (THB 2015).

Krabi is all about tours. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to tours and stuff.

The most famous tour is the 4 island tours. This is a tour where you are taken to 4 different islands, including lunch.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

Things you need to know before joining this tour.

There is an entry fee of THB 400 per person taken as a national park entry fee.

You need to be aware of the price you are quoted and if the fee is included in the price or not.

The tour was priced for around THB 500 – THB 700.

This tour also depends on the type of boat you are choosing. The speed boats are expensive while the longtail boats are cheaper.

Most of the agents were charging the same price without the national park fee.

Luckily, I got a good rate and I didn’t even have to bargain to these agents. I was clicking pictures at the Ao Nang beach and there was this couple they asked me if I could click a picture of them in their camera. I was like sure. After talking for a while, I got to know that they were going on this island tour. I asked them about the price they paid.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

They said they have hired an entire boat for THB 3500 and they were seven people. I asked them if there is a place for one more and if I could join them. They were happy to help and allowed me on the tour.

I got this tour for just THB 440 + THB 400 (National Park Fee) = THB 840.

Lunch was included so I just had to pay for one meal this day.

Cost for the meal was THB 90.

Total cost for the day THB 840 + THB 90 = THB 930.

The total amount left after day 4 was THB 2015 – THB 930 = THB 1085.

Day 5: Total Budget (THB 1085).

After so much of water activities, I wanted to go to the Tiger Cave Temple.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

There are many tour operators which offer you this tour but don’t do this. You can do this tour by yourself at a very low price.

The local songthaew will take you to the Tiger Cave Temple at THB 100. While returning I caught a songthaew till Krabi town for THB 40 and from there again THB 60 till Ao Nang Beach.

The Tiger Cave temple was just mesmerizing. The view from the top was just next level and very beautiful.

This was my last evening in Krabi so I decided to go to the restaurant for my last dinner. It cost me THB 295.

The total expense of the day was TH200 + TH295 = THB 495.

The total amount left after day 5 was THB 1085 – THB 495 = THB 590.

Day 6: Total Budget (THB 590).

It was the last day and I got up early and went around roaming nearby.

I didn’t go too far as I didn’t want to miss my bus. Walked around, did some shopping and returned back.

After checking out I started my journey to Phuket. I was very lucky this whole time. During my entire stay, it didn’t even rain once. The day I was leaving it started raining.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

I caught a bus to Phuket the same way as I came from there.

The total cost was the same THB 315.

I had my flight at night. After reaching Phuket I had my last Thai meal and I even packed some snacks for the flight. The cost was THB 255.

The overall cost for the day was THB 315 + THB 255 = THB 570.

The total amount left after day 5 was THB 590 – THB 570 = THB 20.

I still had around 20 baht left with me. I kept those in my wallet and I still have them in my wallet.

Krabi Budget Travel Guide

It was a very beautiful trip to Krabi. I did a lot of things, trekked to the top of the mountain, kayaking, island tours, snorkeling, swimming in the clearest waters. All of this in just Rs.10500 (THB 4660).

You can do the same.

Just remember these guidelines.


The best budget options start from THB 60 to THB 110.

You can have two meals under THB 200.

The night markets are the best for street foods.

Another budget option is the 7/11 store.

This was my personal favorite. This store used to be open 24 hours. Even if I was hungry at 3 a.m. I could grab something from here.

Don’t buy Indian food here. It is very expensive. I asked in the restaurant and they said it was around THB 450 for chicken biryani.


Ask 10 different operators before going on any tours.

There is a very high possibility that you would get a better rate if you do your research properly.

If you are staying in hostels then ask them if they do any tours or if they could suggest places with better rates.


Don’t use taxis ever.

The songthaew is the only cheaper options to travel around.

You can also rent a motorbike if you are a couple.

The price is around THB 250.

The last bus from Phuket Bus Terminal 2 to Phuket Airport Leaves at 6:30 p.m.

If you are coming from Krabi airport then you can directly catch a bus till Ao Nang for THB 150.

Thank you for reading.

Hope you like this budget guide.

See you in my next blog.

Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.

Krabi Bugdet Travel Guide

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Neha Gupta

Hi Stubborn hippie…I really liked ur krabi blog…u are helping many other tourists by sharing your detailed experience..
I m travelling to krabi on 22nd feb with my husband and my 18 months old daughter…i want to reach krabi in d economical way like you did…
Tell me one thing ..are Krabi songthews safe? I m just getting little worried on the safety part

Neha Gupta

Thank you so much for being so helpful…U r doing a great job…Also can u please share how much time u took from Phuket airport to Ao nang ? U took d aurport shuttle ,then u took d Government bus , then d songathew….how much time u took ?

Neha Gupta

Thank u our FEARLESS Traveller ! More and more blessings for your future Adventures ❤

Neha Gupta

Hi again…I am travelling on 22nd from phuket airport to Ao nang…please tell me one thing…do i need to prebook the bus ticket ? U said 140 TBH bus ticket per person.. If yes , from where ?

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