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Kerala Tourism – One Week In God’s Own Country.

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Talking about Kerala Tourism, God’s Own Country is a really daunting and a beautiful place for people of every category. Be it a group of friends, a couple, a solo traveler (that’s me), Kerala has a lot to offer to everyone. Now, Kerala is a huge state, and it becomes very difficult to choose between the places we wish to visit in a limited period of time. Facing the same problem while planning an itinerary for myself, I came up with a very convenient itinerary while visiting Kerala. I am going to share it with you guys, so it will help you plan your own holiday. So let’s get started.

Kerala Tourism I am going to share my secret 3 tips while visiting any location, wherever I go. Hope these tips help you out in jour journey.

Every time while planning an itinerary, you need to think about these three tips.

First, a calm place for a start so you can relax after traveling for hours and hours.

The second place needs to be a most visited/famous destination or the heart of the state, where you can enjoy to your fullest and spend the most amazing time of your life.

Third should be a place famous for shopping, yes people always love to shop while going to a different city so always keep the shopping place at the end of your trip. This way you wouldn’t end up carrying your shopping bags all over the trip.

DAY 1 –

So talking about Kerala, the first place you would visit for a relaxing day after a tiring journey is Munnar. It is a very calm and very satisfying place which can relax you from any hectic journey. The mountains covered in tree plants, people working in those tree plantations with a basket on their back, the refreshing aroma of the tea gardens, and the coldness in the air all together gives you a beautiful Munnar for you to enjoy.

Kerala Tourism

On the first day just come to Munnar, spend the rest of the day just relaxing. You can also visit nearby places if you like. But I would suggest you sit in the balcony of your hotel room, with a cup of local tea in your hand and enjoy the first offerings from God’s own country. Trust me, it’s worth it. You will get all charged up for your next day.

Kerala Tourism

DAY 2 –

From the Centre of Munnar, you can go to various places according to your convenience. The places you can visit from Munnar are

  • Eravikulam National Park.
  • Mattupatty Dam.
  • Kundala Lake.
  • Top Station.
  • Marayoor
  • Sandal Wood Forest.
  • Pallivasal ( Kallar Water Falls).

You can choose to go wherever you wish, just select what to want to visit. If you want to see the famous Nilgiri Tahr, visit Eravikulam National Park. If you are sort of an adventurous person, then maybe you will love the waterfalls. It’s better you choose your own destinations the way you feel comfortable.

Below down is a map of Munnar, which you can refer and plan your own journey.

Kerala Tourism

Now keep in mind, don’t select more than 4 places in a day or else you will have to keep running the whole day. Limit your places of interest and feel the place more rather visiting more places and getting your trip messed up. People often want to visit everything, but that is the wrong approach. They don’t realize that whatever they do, they won’t be able to visit everything. So better to chill out and enjoy the present location.

After a long day in Munnar, come back and start packing your bags. It’s time for a new city now.

DAY 3 –

We accomplished our first tip, now talking about our next tip. Do you what is the Heart of Kerala. I guess everyone knows it, The Backwaters of Kerala.

So your next destination is Alleppey (Alappuzha).

Start your journey to Alleppey early in the morning. You should reach your destination approximately around 5 hours (175 km or 108 miles). The place is also known as Alappuzha (pronounced as Allappoya). This place is spread wide around the backwaters also close to the seashore. The backwaters are around 10-15 km (6-9 miles) from the city center.

Kerala Tourism

You will get various Houseboats around the locality. Sometimes they also fool tourist for a higher rate than usual. Don’t get scammed here, do your research well and only book your houseboat from a verified dealer. Booking online would be a little expensive, it’s better you come here and get a good deal yourself. Book a houseboat for a day and enjoy our rest of the day just sailing around the backwaters.

DAY 4 –

Alleppey has many other attractions to offer you as well.

Alleppey Lighthouse is one of these attractions. It is located around a distance of 2 km from the Alleppey Beach. This place has an entry fee of Rs.20 ($ 0.29) for Indians and Rs.50 ($ 0.76) for foreign nationals. You can also take your camera with an additional charge.

Kerala Tourism

Climb to the top of the lighthouse, and witness the breath-taking view. On the front, you will see the ocean with bright blue colored water and the back is covered with a layer of green trees spread all over the city.

Alleppey Beach is the most visited attractions here. A land stretched around a kilometer with white sand over it, small food vendors all around the corner of the beach makes this place an astonishing place in this city.

Kerala Tourism

You can experience one of the best sunsets here if you visit at the right time. This place is also a photographer’s delight. The broken bridge in the middle of the beach with clouds all over it and the sun setting just over it comes out to be a perfect shot like this one.

In the evening, the place becomes a very chaotic yet peaceful place for everyone.

End your day with the sun setting in front of you with all the chaos around.

DAY 5 –

Now time for the third tip – Shopping

Kerala has many options for shopping around. I would suggest you go to Kochi (Cochin). I choose this place because it was a perfect place for shopping and it also helped me end my trip on a very good note.

Kerala Tourism

Alleppey to Cochin is a distance of around 55 km (34 miles). You start your journey to Cochin as you prefer best as it does not take much longer to reach Cochin.

If you are from Mumbai, you would be familiar with Marine Drive. But did you know Kerala has its own Marine Drive Walkway? Yes, you read it right. Marine Drive Walkway is a very popular destination in Cochin.

Kerala Tourism

You can also hop on to any boats there and take a ride to any islands around the locations or even just enjoy a ride in the boat. It is a very long walkway so I better suggest you take a seat somewhere and enjoy the mesmerizing view. There is also a very popular bridge in this walkway, people call it the rainbow bridge.

Kerala Tourism

DAY 6 –

Now, this is your last day in Kerala.


Kerala Tourism

Keep this day only and only for shopping. Just buy the things you like and head back home again with all those memories.

If you want to shop in a budget, there is a market near the Marine Drive Walkway called Broadway Market. There you can purchase everything at a cheaper rate. You can ask anyone about this market. Local people will gladly help you out.

Last but not least. Here an extra tip for you. It’s a rule I follow on my every trip whether solo or with friends.

The number of places doesn’t decide if your trip was successful or not. They never do. It’s only and only the memories you make, define how perfect your trip was. At the end of the day, you won’t remember how much places you visit, but you would definitely remember the crazy walk on Marine Drive Walkway or the peacefulness of the Backwaters or the sunset of Alleppey Beach. So this is my bonus tip for you all.


Kerala Tourism

That’s it for this blog.

Hope you liked it and if you find it helpful comment down below and let me know. Any suggestions from you people would be good.

Keep Traveling. Keep Inspiring.

Vishal Hadal.

Stubborn Hippie.

Kerala Tourism

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