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Kerala Budget Travel Guide: 8 Days in Just Rs.7800.

Kerala Budget Travel Guide

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Kerala, known as God’s own country is a very versatile and beautiful state to visit on the south coast of India. This Kerala Budget Travel Guide will help you plan a plan your very own journey to Kerala including some major spots on a very less budget. Everything from buses to hotels to food will be covered in this guide.

Let’s get started with the Kerala Budget Travel Guide.

Kerala Travel Itinerary

Kerala Budget Travel Guide

The itinerary which I mentioned below is what I followed during my visit to Kerala.

Ernakulam (Kochi) – 2 Days

Munnar – 3 days

Alleppey (Alappuzha) – 3 Days


There are so many hostels and hotels all around Kerala and the good news for you is that they are not very expensive. I am going to divide this section into two parts one for solo travelers and another one for group travelers. While booking any hostels/hotels make sure you book them in one of the famous spots so you don’t waste any extra money to reach these places from your hotels.

Solo Traveler

There are many hostels right next to the very famous Marine Drive Walkway, Fort Kochi, Munnar Hills, Alleppey Beach, etc. Let’s start with each individual city.


The hostel rates in Kochi are cheap and they won’t burn your wallet for your 2 days stay here. For 2 days in Kochi, you can expect to pay around Rs.600 to Rs.1000 according to the hostel you choose to stay.

Below down I am mentioning some top hostels you can book in this price bracket.

  1. Zostel Kochi – Rs.598 (2 days).
  2. The Lost Hostel. – Rs.794 (2 days).
  3. Santa Maria. Rs.800 (2 days).


The accommodation prices in Munnar are slightly on the expensive side as compared to Kochi and Alleppey. There are very fewer options for hostels while in Munnar. Expect to pay around Rs.900 to Rs.1600 for your 3 days stay in Munnar. A little downside is that the budget hostels are a little far from the center. They are about 5 to 8 km away from the Main Bus Stand.

Have a look at these hostels/hotels in Munnar below.

  1. The Lost Hostel. Rs.900 (3 days).
  2. Namasthe Munnar. Rs.1200 (3 days).
  3. Munnar Downtown Hotel. Rs.1600 (3 days).

Alleppey. (Alappuzha)

Now, whenever you try to read this name you would say it as Alappuzha but the real pronunciation of this place is Alappoya. Yes, this is the correct pronunciation of this place. I remember going to the bus stand in Munnar and asking people about the buses to Alappuzha. They used to get confused and tell me there are no buses. Then afterward I met this guy who told me that ask them about Alappoya and they will tell you the information you need.

In Alleppey, you can expect to pay around Rs.750 to Rs.1500 for 3 days stay. Check the list of hostels below.

  1. Funky Art Beach House – Rs.750 (3 days).
  2. Thomas Homestay – Rs.1050 (3 days).
  3. Artpackers life – Rs.1350 (3 days).

Group Travelers


The average price for a double room for 2 people is around Rs.1100 to Rs.1500. Per person, the cost should be around Rs.550 to Rs.750 for 2 days stay.


You can expect to pay around Rs.2500 to Rs.3000 for 3 nights for a double room. Again, the per-person cost would be half the amount mentioned here.


The prices in Alleppey are cheaper than Munnar. The average rate of a double room here would be Rs.2000 to Rs.2500.

The total accommodation amount you would spend on your 8-night stay here would be around Rs.2500.

Let move on to the next section of the Kerala Budget Travel Guide.


Kerala Budget Travel Guide

This section let me tell you about the ways of transportation available in the cities I mentioned above. The transportation cost mentioned here will be everything from Kochi till your final destination Alleppey.

Let’s begin with intercity transportation.

Ernakulam to Munnar.


These are the cheapest options for travel from Ernakulam to Munnar. The KSRTC buses run all day long from Ernakulam to Munnar starting very early in the morning.

The bus timings are as follows.

First bus at 05:20 a.m. to the last bus at 03:10 p.m. I believe there are late-night buses also at 01:00 a.m. or so. There are buses almost every 45 minutes or so. They can get delayed sometimes but they are very reliable when it comes to reaching Munnar.

It takes around 4 to 5 hours to reach Munnar from Ernakulam.

The bus fare for Ernakulam to Munnar is around Rs.100 to Rs.200 depending on the type of bus you chose.


As Munnar is a hill station there is no train connectivity which will take you directly to Munnar. You may have to take the train till Aluva and then again catch a bus. I wouldn’t recommend doing this. It is better you catch a bus directly till Munnar.

Munnar to Alleppey


There are direct buses available from Munnar to Alleppey from the Munnar bus stand. The timings although are not fixed. Whenever you wish to travel from Munnar to Alleppey make sure that you confirm the timings one day before with the station master. They will tell you the exact timing so there won’t be any risk of missing the bus.

The bus fare from Munnar to Alleppey is around Rs.150 to Rs.250.

If by chance you miss the bus from Munnar to Alleppey then you can catch a bus till Ernakulam and from there catch another bus to Alleppey.


Again, no direct trains available from Munnar to Alleppey.

Let’s talk about In-city Transportation.


The transportation options available in Kochi are Buses, Auto, Taxis. The buses are very cheap but the only downside is that the boards on the bus are written in Malayalam. You have to ask the locals who speak English every time you ride a bus.

The average amount you would spend on transportation in Kochi would be around Rs.150 to Rs.200 per day.


Munnar also has buses for traveling around the city. There are only a few autos available here. Another option you can consider while traveling around Munnar are the jeeps. There can also be very helpful and they don’t even cost that much for a single ride.

The 3 days estimate for traveling in Munnar is around Rs.600 to Rs.700.


In Alleppey, you will be needing transportation only for 2 days. You can visit the Alleppey beach and the area around it by walking as there are not that far away. You will find local auto-rickshaw for transportation in the city. Also, if you wish to travel by boat in the backwater of Alleppey you have very cheap options here.

The private ferries and the houseboats are very expensive and are not suitable for budget travelers. Let me give you a very cheap option. There are public ferries from Alleppey to Kottayam which takes around 2 hours to complete the journey. The price you are paying here is the only Rs.15. There are ferries on various other routes and the prices are very low.

You can expect to pay around Rs.300 to Rs.400 for your 2 days travel in Alleppey.

Your overall transportation in Kerala from Intercity transportation to In-city transportation for 8 days would be Rs.1600.


Kerala Budget Travel Guide

This is a topic that I don’t include in my Budget Guide as this totally depends on the individual. This could vary from person to person and the cost could also vary if you are solo or in a group.

I could name the dishes if you want and I will also try to give you an estimate of the amount you will need in these 8 days.

The famous dishes you can try while you are in Kerala are

  1. Appam.
  2. Prawn Curry.
  3. Spicy Fried Chicken served on the banana leaves. (Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu)
  4. Parota.
  5. Idiyappam

There are so many more which you can try. Obviously I cannot mention every single one of them.

For you 8 days here, the cost for overall food here would be around Rs.3000. Again, this would differ from person to person. It could be less or even more depending on the person. This is the amount which I spent on food in Kerala.

Last section of the Kerala Budget Travel Guide.

Top places to visit in 8 days.

Although Kerala is a very big state and has a lot to offer. I have handpicked some cities which you can visit in a span of 8 days without rushing from one place to another. When thinking about Kerala, the things which come to our mind are Tea plantation, Backwaters, Coconut tree, forts, etc. The places which I am about to mention cover almost everything one thinks of while visiting Kerala.

Ernakulam (Kochi).

Kerala Budget Travel Guide

Kochi should be the city you start your Kerala journey from. This place will really get you the vibes that you have entered Kerala. The beaches, food, islands, the markets and many more are more than enough to get you excited for the beginning of your Kerala trip.

This city is very well connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. by the railways. If you live among any of the cities you can get a direct train to Kochi or Ernakulam.

The train prices are as follows

Mumbai to Kochi – Rs.600 to Rs.650.

Delhi to Kochi – Rs.850 to Rs.900.

Chennai to Kochi – Rs.350 to Rs.400.

The top places to visit in Kochi are

Fort Kochi.

Marine Drive Walkway.

Mattancherry Palace.

Santa Cruz Basilica

Vasco da Gama Square.

Cherai Beach

Bishop’s House.



Munnar is a paradise for all the tea lovers out there. There are so many tea plantations along with the entire city of Munnar. This hill station will never let you feel bored. The main reason you came here in Munnar is for the Tea Plantation. You can find them anywhere throughout the whole city. Just beware of any private property boards before entering into any of them. The people are very nice and they would definitely allow you to take photos in the plantation.

From the Centre of Munnar, you can go to various places according to your convenience. The places you can visit from Munnar are

Eravikulam National Park.

Mattupatty Dam.

Kundala Lake.

Top Station.


Sandal Wood Forest.

Pallivasal (Kallar Water Falls).

Alleppey (Alappuzha)


This is kind of the place you would love to relax in. There are beaches, backwaters, lighthouses and many more places you can visit in Alleppey.

The top places you can visit in Alleppey are as follows.

Alleppey Beach

Alleppey Lighthouse.


Coir Museum.

Marari Beach.

TRAVEL TIP – A little tip from me is that whenever you chose a place make sure you chose the things you want to visit with no entry fees or a very less entry fee. This would be very good for your long-term trip and you would end up saving a lot.

Overall Cost

The overall cost required for your trip to Kerala is

Accommodation – Rs.2500.

Transportation – Rs.1600.

Food – Rs.3000.

Sight Seeing – Rs.700.

The total amount that comes out is Rs.7800

That’s is all from me.

I hope you liked the Kerala Budget Travel Guide.

If you have any questions you can ask in the comments below.

See you in the next one.

Until then,



Stubborn Hippie,

Vishal Hadal.

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