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How To Start A Travel Blog.

How To Start A Travel Blog

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If you love travelling you might be interested in sharing your stories with the world, and getting some profit by helping people through your travel experiences. Don’t get me wrong, starting a travel blog doesn’t mean you are going to be rich overnight by writing some blog posts, it takes a very long time to get your first dollar. Sometimes people don’t even earn a single penny from their blog. This article is about “How to start a travel blog”

I’m not trying to scare you guys, but it is the reality and being a travel blogger, it’s my responsibility to tell people about the reality.

I have been traveling from a few months (not continuously, only two big trips and some few trips nearby). In this time while travelling, I realized that I should tell people about my travel stories, my experiences about the places I visited, the things which can help them during their travels.

My story

It took me around 6 months to figure out “HOW TO START A TRAVEL BLOG”, yes you read it right, sixxxxxx months. That’s a hell lot of time to start a blog, and trust me it’s the biggest mistake I ever made.

But don’t worry, with all that 6 months of research, I will help you guys on how to start a travel blog and get it running within a few days. It’s not a very difficult process, not easy either. You just need to follow the below steps.

So let’s get started.

How To Start A Travel Blog

Steps for Starting a Travel Blog

  • Making a promise.
  • Choosing a name.
  • Purchasing Hosting and a Domain name.
  • Installing WordPress.
  • Getting A Theme.
  • Find a Way to Connect to The Audience.
  • Publishing your first post.

STEP 1: Making a Promise

This is the most important step of all these steps, it will decide whether or not you should be doing this or not, whether or not to start a travel blog.

So what is this “making a promise” about?????

It is about making a promise to yourself that no matter what you’ll be blogging consistently without any excuses, and you will dedicate a good amount of time to get your blog running. You will deliver useful content to your audience. This step applies only to those whose think of their blog as a business, I’m not talking about hobby bloggers here. It’s great to have blogging as a hobby, but if you really want to achieve something in this blogging field, it’s really important to make a promise to yourself.

Why is this step so important?

Having a great blog, with all those fancy looking pictures of yours can be great, but it won’t be of any use until you are blogging consistently. People who love your blog always looking forward to your new content, and if they don’t see your website updated with new content, you are surely going to lose one of your genuine followers. Be Consistent. Keep Blogging.

So get a piece of paper and make a schedule of how are you going to manage your blogging life in your busy life. As a newbie blogger, I suggest you to blogs 1-2 times a week. But always remember QUALITY ALWAYS BEATS QUANTITY, It’s ok to sometimes just blog once a week but the post you are writing about should be full of useful content, which will keep people wanting to come to your blog and also creating a relationship with your viewers.

And now that your schedule is done.

Just Follow Your Schedule.

Don’t Dare to Miss It.

Step 2: Choosing A Name.

This is one of the most confusing things to do. If you have already chosen a name for your blog, well that great, but if you have not done it, don’t worry I will help you out.

Now please don’t spend too much time choosing a name for your blog. Just keep it simple, something related to you, your specialty, maybe your location, your own name will also do.

Let me give you some quick ideas on What Name To Choose For Your Blog

Go on google and just search for “top travel bloggers” and after that see who are at the top and try getting an idea from their names. Now don’t copy their entire name (e.g.- Nomadic Matt – one of the top travel experts out there, now people just tend to copy this name, they take nomadic from this and enter their own name after it. Avoid this)Take ideas from them, don’t just blindly copy them.

If you don’t find anything from the top bloggers, just write down some words which are related to travels. For e.g.

  • Nomad
  • Traveler
  • Wanderer
  • Wanderlust
  • Voyage
  • Globe
  • Weekend
  • Country
  • Trek
  • Trip
  • Backpack

If you need help finding these words just go to, it will help you find words you need. Now that you have got all these words, try mixing up them.

(A LITTLE SUGGESTION– Don’t make use of the common words like nomad, backpacker, traveler, it doesn’t help you to stand out).

Confused yet??

If you are still confused about selecting a name, try doing it with this trick.

Now you have these travel-related words but still can’t figure out what your name is, then just take any one of these words and try finding a translation of that word in your particular language. This is a way of really getting creative for your name (e.g. Nomad=Banjara (Hindi Language), now combine this with your name or something related to it)

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of these combinations of names after that just pick the one name you feel suitable for your blog.

Note: – Never Ask Other People for Suggesting a Name, They’ll Just End Up Getting You Confused. I’m Sure They’ll Have Some Good Suggestions, But It’ll Leave You with Lots and Lots of Confusion.

Step 3: Purchasing Hosting and a Domain name.

Now you have a beautiful name for your website, it’s time for registering it. Most of the domain name registrations cost around 12$-15$ per year, but when you purchase hosting you usually get it free for the first year.

What Is Hosting?

I won’t get into any technical side of hosting, I will just explain it to you in a very regular language.

Just imagine you are running some business(offline), you’ll need to rent someplace to set up your office. The place from which you can further interact with the people, looking into your business. This place is going to be your work station until the period you decide to upgrade to a new place. So basically, hosting is quite similar to this place. You are renting the hosting for a particular period of time. It allows posting a website/blog for single or multiple users, whichever plans you choose from.

Where did I get hosting from?

There are lots of other companies out there to get your hosting from, but I only recommend a few companies on which you can trust so that your site doesn’t get stuck after a particular amount of visitors visit your site.

Now the top companies which I recommend are

  • Site Ground.
  • InMotion Hosting.
  • Bluehost.
  • WP Engine.
  • A2 Hosting.

Now while having all these companies, it’s always difficult to choose from the good ones.

All these companies come with different pricing.

If you are new and don’t know anything about hosting like me, do the following steps I am about to tell so that so don’t make a mistake choosing a good hosting provider. Choosing a hosting is completely up to you, but I can tell you a way so that you can get a good value for your hosting.

Now let’s say you selected InMotion Hosting, now go to their site and just check out all those established bloggers the companies trust the most. For InMotion Hosting it is Adam from Now go to their website and I’m pretty sure they must be having some discounts on these hosting services. And with these discounts, they might as well have some free stuff for you like ebooks, courses, etc.

If you go on Bluehost, they have Alex and Lauren from

They are different with the service you choose. Just make sure to visit their website first for any discounts or other stuff which might be helpful for your blogging carrier.

I personally use InMotion Hosting. As I earlier said Adam is one of the trusted bloggers by InMotion Hosting, I made a purchase through his website. Buying through his links I also got free access to some of his courses which were really useful for me as a newbie blogger. I am personally very happy with their service, and I promise you won’t regret either making this purchase. I’m not forcing you to choose the one I’m using, I’m just suggesting a good service to you. Make sure to do your research well and choose the one which is good and affordable for you.

One more thing, whenever you buy hosting from any of these providers, make sure you buy them for a longer period of time. Like all these above providers have a tenure of 12,24,36 months. It’s better you choose the maximum amount of months because the discount which you are getting is only applicable for the first time purchase, but at the time of renewal of service you have to pay the full amount to the providers, so make sure you make good use of the discounts.

Step 4: Installing WordPress.

WordPress is a platform where you can control your website from. Everything you need to design a website or add any other features can be done using WordPress.

Installing WordPress is one of the most important steps. You can directly install WordPress while buying the hosting. Now whichever hosting you choose they have different ways of installing WordPress, so when you buy you hosting just make sure you install WordPress.

Step 5: Choosing a theme.

You have two option while choosing a theme

  • Free Theme.
  • Premium Theme.

Now you have lots of options selecting a theme, but make sure you use a lightweight theme so your website doesn’t get lags.

Difference between a free theme and a paid theme is that paid theme have a lot of customization options, while free themes sometimes may not be that reliable and even they may restrict you from some of the controls over your website.

The safe option here is to choose a premium lightweight theme and combine it with a page builder which works with the theme.

The themes and page builder which I recommend are

  • Astra Pro(Theme)
  • Generatepress(Theme)
  • Elementor(Page Builder)
  • Beaver Builder(Page Builder)

These are a few options which you can choose from.

You can also choose from full front end editor themes such as

  • Divi
  • Avada
  • X Theme

These themes have their own page builder so you don’t need any extra page builders to work with.


Nowadays Divi theme is really popular among the new bloggers due to the ease of use and all the easy optimization Divi provides.

Its front end editor of Divi is really very much beginner-friendly to operate and any newbie can easily make a beautiful website from scratch or from the number of templates which Divi offers.

Now with so much of pros, Divi also has some cons. The biggest con because of which I decided not to buy Divi was the fact that Divi is a really heavy theme. Yes it has great customization, yes it is very user-friendly, yes it makes things easier for you, but you wouldn’t want to work on a heavy theme and slow down your site.

Talking about Astra And GeneratePress, these two themes are very lightweight and work very well with Elementor page builder.

Now there are premium versions for the themes as well as elementor, I would suggest you go for the premium theme and start with a free Elementor plugin. The free version of Elementor gives you tons of options to make your site look more beautiful and it goes well with premium themes.

Talking about the pricing, these themes cost you between 39$ – 79$ for a single purchase.

But buying a theme is totally worth it, if you have spent all your money on hosting and don’t have any money for the theme well its ok then. You can go with free version of Astra and GeneratePress. They will do the job.

Now go out there are choose whichever theme you want and make a beautiful looking website for yourself.

Step 6: Find a way to connect to the audience.

Just blogging and writing good content without any of the people knowing about it, doesn’t really make any sense right.

Whenever you post a blog or do something new on your website, your followers need to know about it. Let’s get real, no one will open your website daily to check whether you updated something or not, unless and until he/she is your most loyal follower.

Social Media is one best way connect with your audience

Most popular social media sites are

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Signup for all these sites and be connected to the people personally.

Keep posting regularly regarding your activities which will keep your viewers updated about you, and the things you are doing.

Now don’t waste your full day on social media, just use it twice or thrice a day. e.g. in the morning use it for posting and once in the evening for checking your account status and replying to the comments.

Don’t be an social media addict, just use it to make your brand/website /blog grow.

Email Marketing can be very useful to get some of your loyal followers to get directly in touch with you. Start with any of the free email marketing services and they do the job pretty well. One of the most popular email service provider is MailChimp.

It is free for your first 2000 subscribers and after crossing those subscribers you can always upgrade to a premium pack.

Being loyal to your customers gets your website to grow very quickly.

Step 7: Publish Your First Post.

After going through all the things which I mentioned above, now it’s time to publish your first post. This post can be about anything, but make sure you write a very good post and if possible try to make it very long. But remember that your post should be very informative about the topic which you are going to select.

I was very confused about my first post, so I decided to write a post on “HOW TO START A TRAVEL BLOG”. I wrote about every single step I went through while creating this blog. You can do the same, write a post about

  • How to start a blog.
  • Difficulties you faced while writing a blog.
  • What is a blog.
  • Top 5 myths about blogging.

Writing about the thing you just created will never have you run out of ideas. For starting it is a very good topic to write on. This is also a test about how much you can write in a single day. Also, you check if you could finish a 3000-word blog in one go.

Experimenting with blogs always make you a better blogger. Don’t be afraid to experiment about various stuff you do with your blog.

With this, I conclude this article about “How To Start A Travel Blog”.

I hope this will help you in creating your very own blog and getting started with it.

Vishal Hadal.

Stubborn Hippie.

Note : None of the links above are affiliate links(I don’t receive any commission when you click on the links above).

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