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How to plan a budget trip?

How to plan a budget trip?

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Traveling the world is kind of a dream of everyone. It is also said that only those can travel who have a travel credit card with a huge limit to it and someone who has lots of money. Well, this is not right at all. In a world where you can see the reality of traveling within minutes on your mobiles, you shouldn’t be just sitting and wondering about traveling. Today I am going to tell you How to Plan a Budget Trip to whichever part of the world you want.

Before starting I am going to clear up some misconceptions about budget traveling. According to you what does budget traveling mean? Ask this question to yourself and when you get the answer, continue with the article.

What Budget Traveling really means?

Budget traveling means to travel in a particular place on a less budget than what the others are offering you. Let me elaborate on this. Suppose you are planning a trip to Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. Let’s say someone is offering you a package of around Rs.10000 for 3 days and if you plan the trip by yourself, with Rs.10000 you plan a trip for 6 days, that is budget traveling. Or in another case, you only spend Rs.6000 for 3 days that is also budget traveling.

There are a lot of instances where people have said to me that budget traveling is just cutting costs and eating less food and visiting a few places. This mindset is actually very wrong. I have been traveling on a budget for almost more than a year now and out of the 63 cities I traveled to, not once I thought that I should have brought more money. The things which I planned in my budget were perfect for me and I had a lot of fun during all these trips.

It is not just about cheap trips

Recently there was this guy who I helped plan a trip to Malaysia and Singapore. The cost which he was getting from others was around 3 lakhs for 15 days. He was on a trip with his wife and obviously he wanted a luxury trip. He asked for a little help, and after some research, I found out that if he booked everything on his own, then the trip would cost him 2 lakhs with the exact same things and same days mentioned by the tours. This is also a kind of Budget traveling in my opinion. Well, not exactly but it can be categorized under luxury on a budget.

Another thing I wanted to bring to your notice is that every place has a different budget. The hotel rates, food rates, traveling rates are different in every city. You cannot expect to travel around various cities on the same budget.

Let begin the main part “How to plan a budget trip.”

Step 1

How to plan a budget trip?

Firstly, for getting a rough idea about the costs of a particular city, go to google and search for the tour packages of that city. For example, let’s say you are going to Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. Search about Srinagar Tour Packages. You will get a list of different companies offering various packages. If you check around 3 to 4 companies you will get a rough idea about the prices for Srinagar. The packages offered for 5 days trip to Kashmir are around Rs.10,000 to Rs.16,000 excluding the travel expenses from Mumbai. After seeing these prices don’t just think that these are the prices you actually have to pay if you are going to the city.

The reason I gave an example of Srinagar is because I and my friends are planning a trip to Srinagar in the coming months and the amount which came out for the entire trip is around Rs.12000 to Rs.14000. This amount is including everything, starting with our journey from Mumbai to Srinagar and back to Mumbai. Every single cost which will be required during this trip is included in that cost.

Want to know how I did this keep reading the article.

Step 2

How to plan a budget trip?

International Trip.

Now, the second thing you need to do is find the cheapest and the most convenient way to reach the destination. If you are traveling to another country check for the cheapest flights. The best place to find a cheap flight is

1) Skyscanner.

2) Kayak.


Now make sure you open these sites in a private window on your browser so the prices won’t increase as you repeatedly search for them.

Also, make sure to read every single detail about your flight like baggage rules, food, and the exclusion and inclusion so you don’t have to pay for any extras at the airport.

Domestic Trip.

I have made a thing very clear to myself that I will never travel on a flight for domestic trips unless there is an emergency. The train journey is enjoyable, and I personally love traveling by train. Yes, it takes time but you surely can save a lot of money. There will be instances where there won’t be a direct train from your place to the destination.

In such cases maybe you can look for other ways like changing two trains or try to look for any buses which go directly or to any nearby cities. The point is to keep your transportation cost as low as possible.

Another recommendation would be to always book the trains from the official IRCTC website or app. You get proper and authentic information on their website.

 Step 3

How to plan a budget trip?

After sorting out your transportation from your city to your destination next step would be to do a little research about the local transportation of that place. This is a very important step if you want to save money and reduce the cost of the overall trip.

Start with the transport hubs, like if you are flying by flight then check the cheapest way to get from the airport to the town. The same thing goes for the railway station. Check if there is a bus or metro or any other sort of transport before just going in and opting for a taxi.

For example, Kuala Lumpur airport has a lot of transport options like metros, buses, taxis. The cheapest way to go to the KL Sentral is by using a bus for just RM 10 which is around Rs.180. The metro will charge you RM 50 for reaching the same destination. Clearly, that is a huge difference. Make sure you check all the options and then make the final decision.

While you are checking also make sure to check about your return journey and not one side journey.

Step 4

How to plan a budget trip?

The next thing is Accommodation. Now, this is a thing where you have lots and lots of options. There are hostels, guest houses, hotels, etc. from which you can choose from. What I do is decide based on the number of travelers going on a trip. Like if I am traveling solo then I definitely would go for hostels. For groups, hotels or guest houses work great.

If you are a group and you choose a hostel then it won’t make sense money-wise. A hostel dorm costs you around Rs.400 to Rs.700 per night in a popular city. If you go with your group then it would be around Rs.2500 for 4 people. Instead, if you get an Rs.2000 room and share it among the 4 of you then the price would be a little less, and trust me these little savings would help you further in your trip.

Private rooms are also available at the hostels so you can also go for that option.

The best websites which you can use for making a hotel booking are


2) Airbnb.

3) Agoda.

4) Hostelworld.

There is a website called Couchsurfing which allows you to stay with local people without any cost. Basically, it is a website which can give you free stays. Check out my full article about Couchsurfing.

Step 5

How to plan a budget trip?

This step would be about checking the best places to visit around the city. I kind of have a percentage system when it comes to choosing the best places for your budget travel. Let me explain my system here,

The type of places which are available in any city are

1) Famous and Expensive.

2) Famous and Moderate.

3) Famous and Free.

This list applies to almost every single city in any part of the world. Now what I do here is give a certain percentage to each and every type and sort them accordingly. The percentage system which I follow is

1) Famous and Expensive – 10%

2) Famous and Moderate – 30%

3) Famous and Free – 60%

This is the thing I follow on every trip of mine. I always look for free things to do in the city and make sure I reduce the cost as low as possible. Now, there are certain things which you have to do in a particular city, you cannot miss them. They are the highlights and there is no alternative for those things, such things are kept in Famous and Expensive category. For example, let’s say you are visiting Cambodia. Your trip to Cambodia is incomplete without a visit to Angkor Wat. These are the possibilities you need to think of while planning your trip.

Step 6

How to plan a budget trip?

Food would be the last thing I plan about before going on a Budget trip. This is the one thing which I don’t like planning and try to just go with it while I’m on the trip. Few things which can be done for this step is to check out the famous cuisine in the place.

Keep a list of all the famous food and try it once during your trip. Be open to anything as you won’t find your favorite food while you are in a different country. I won’t give more suggestions for this step.

There you are

These are the 6 steps on How to plan a budget trip.

I hope you like them.

This is it for today’s blog. I’ll see you in my next blog.

Keep Traveling. Keep Budgeting.

Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.

How to plan a budget trip?

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