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Hacks to Keep Your Travel Blog Running When You’re Not Travelling.

Hacks to Keep Your Travel Blog Running When You’re Not Traveling

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Every person who wants to start a travel blog or may already have started a travel blog, has one question in mind. How to travel blog, when not travelling? Or when they only travel once or twice in a year. Well, this article will be all about various ideas on how you can keep blogging about travel even while sitting at home. This also applies for those who post new blogs (travel blog) once or twice every week, and maybe after 2 or 3 months they run out of ideas.

This post will definitely help you out. There is surely no formula for this, I will share some ideas or some tips which you can apply when you have no idea what to blog about. Let’s face it, whether you are a newbie blogger or a professional blogger, you run out of ideas. You are not some information center, where you type in some words and you get all the information. It’s pretty natural to happen, so don’t worry about it. All the ideas you will need are listed down below in the article.

People usually think that, travel bloggers are travelling 365 days of the year. While in some cases it is true. There are some people who keep travelling every time, who are on the road and keep blogging. But not every travel blogger does that. I will tell you some hacks about how to keep your blog running while being at home.

Now if you are a travel blogger or want to start a travel blog, then I am sure you must have had at least 5-6 trips or maybe more. If you have not, then maybe you need to take some trips to collect the necessary information you want to share on your blog.

Now get a piece of paper and write down about every single past trips you have taken. Only names will do for now. Now I will list the type of categories which you can blog about. Apply these categories with the names you just wrote down, and then try to remember every information about it.


  1. You had a trip to certain place, now you can write about how you could have done the same trip in a different way. Or how will it benefit your readers.
  2. What do you miss about that place?
  3. If you faced any problem during your trip, you can write about that. This can make your viewers ready if they had to face similar situation.
  4. The Itinerary.
  5. Transportation (Which would be cheaper or more convenient).
  6. Food.
  7. What things you viewers should avoid while visiting the place?
  8. You can write about the weather and what is the best time to visit a following place.
  9. Your favorite spots around the place. Divide these into types (fun spots, tourist spots, devotional spots, adventurous spots).

Hacks to Keep Your Travel Blog Running When You’re Not Travelling

Now you must be having some topics than before, where you had nothing. You can get creative with these categories and have many things about which you can blog about. If you publish 2 new blogs per week, then from above categories and your list of trips you have around 3 months of content right away.

Moving further after you have all these categories you can merge them with the following types:

Top 10 things.

Write about your top 10 destinations, top 10 food places, top 10 hotels in that area.


You might have tried different things about the place you visit, now write about your favorite things or the  things you liked the most.

How To.

How to plan a trip, how to find good hotels. You can merge any topics with this type and you should have plenty of content.


Every place has some tourist attractions, write about those things.

Wish List.

If you ever plan on visiting a place, what would be your wish list. What would people love to see. This topic never ends. This is the best topic to attract audience and to inspire them.


Write about how to pack lightly and how over packing will be the worst decision for your entire trip.

Bucket List.

Every one has a bucket list about the destinations they would love to visit. Make a list of these destinations and you get another lengthy and helpful article on your blog.

Now these all categories and types work in all kinds of scenarios, whichever city you choose to travel. Every place has the above types and categories, and you can get really creative with your content. And don’t just write any random things about any place which you don’t know or about which you are confused about. Being a travel blogger, it’s really important to give your audience useful and correct information.

Talking about information you can also write about the guides of various places:

The guides which people are mostly going to be useful to other traveler are

  1. Guides about any specific destination.
  2. The activities or any other interest related topic the viewers might be interested in.
  3. Different languages of the destination, and how to learn them quickly.
  4. People also like guides about any travel style you have.

Hacks to Keep Your Travel Blog Running When You’re Not Travelling

The guide section can be very lengthy and also very informative. Many people look for travel guides, so you can also make your own guide and keep your blog running.

Travel Locally:

Travelling locally is the best way to add more content to your website. You know your place very well and you must be thinking why should I travel locally and even it won’t be that exciting or interesting as travelling to any other city. Well, think of it in another way, you might be an expert of your locality. But many people who read your blog and those who are your followers might be wondering what your place might be like. Or what are the interesting activities you can do in your place. Many people might be finding information about your city and you being born and brought up there might be a good source of information to those people.

Moving on to the next topic:

If you have certain amount of visitors to your blog and you make some decent amount of money. Then you might as well keep a giveaway on your website related to one topic. This is a good way of engaging your audience. Giveaway doesn’t mean you tell people to go and follow all your social media profile and comment on a random post. You should make sure that your giveaway is fair in every way. You can ask people to write articles about any place they like. And whichever post you like the most you make them the winner. You can giveaway any things related to travel. A backpack or maybe one pack dry sacks. Anything which will keep your audience engage.

Having a certain amount of audience, also results in many questions being asked by the people about you and your blog. You can make a Q and A post about the questions which are constantly asked by the people. In this way you can answer all these questions all together rather than replying to each comment or dm’s.

Let’s move to the next installment of this article:

You can get all the various things about other cities to you and your viewers.

Hacks to Keep Your Travel Blog Running When You’re Not Travelling

The topics which you can choose from are

  1. The recipes which the other cities are famous for or the local food which they make there. You can also talk about any spices which are grown up in that particular city and about its growth and plantation, etc.
  2. If you attend any festival or traditions while you were travelling, you can describe those. Talk about the importance of the festivals and the traditions which they have. Also about how the people celebrate the festival.
  3. Review any museum or a famous attraction in the city. It should include all the information from the entry fees of the fees to the number of section the museum has. Make the review in a story telling style, so people wouldn’t get bored with all the history going.

Connect with other travelers:

Connecting with other travellers is a good way of making some friends into the travelling community. Knock them on social media or mail them and try to build a good relationship with them. This happens when you get engaged in their social media platforms or maybe directly share some thought through emails. Once you build a good relationship with them, make sure you ask them a little bit of help for your posts.

Asking help could be in the form of

Guest Posts.

Ask those people to guest post on your blog, and maybe they could even offer you to do the same thing.


You can take interviews of them about their travel journey, or even you can ask them about their future travel plans. Ask them about any tips to be a good traveller.


This is totally optional, I have seen some travelers doing it. You can organize a short trip with them and try to know about them more.

These are all the topics you can blog about when you are not travelling. They will help you out when you are in trouble finding a topic for anew blog. You can play around with these categories and find the best topic which suits you and which you are comfortable to blog about.

If you use all these topics and still you need a new topic to blog on just make a list of all the blog posts you have written. Divide them into categories like food, travel guides, destinations, adventures. After making them into categories you can write a blog about a roundup of your own posts you have written before. Provide a link to your posts as you list them. Providing internal links also get people to visit various other post you have written about.

With this I conclude this article.

If you have any suggestion about what else can you blog about, then make sure to comment in the comment section below. I would love to listen to it, and if it is helpful I make even include it in this blog.

Vishal Hadal.

Stubborn Hippie.

Hacks to Keep Your Travel Blog Running When You’re Not Travelling

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