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Couchsurfing: How to get a free stay in any part of the World.


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Everyone loves free stuff, right? Imagine getting a free stay whenever you travel to any corner of the world. It would be great right. Just think about how much money you can save during your travels. After transportation, accommodation is the major expense of your trip. I am going to tell you what is Couchsurfing and how you can use Couchsurfing to get a free stay in any part of the world.

First, let me tell you how much amount you can save if you get a free stay. Let’s say you are on a two-week trip to Malaysia. One-night hostel charge is around RM 25 (Rs.434/$6.1). So, you can save around 25 x 14 = RM 350 (Rs.6081/$85.83). It is awesome right. And don’t worry it is not any type of scam or something which I am going to tell you. It is being used widely in many countries by a lot of travelers.

Let’s get started,

Have you ever heard about Couchsurfing?


If yes then you might already know what the article is going to be about. Those who are not familiar with Couchsurfing, keep reading the article.

From the name, it says that you are surfing for a couch online. Couchsurfing is basically a website where people list their properties and offer a free stay to travelers. Let me elaborate, there are two types of people on Couchsurfing, one is the hosts and others are the travelers. The hosts list their properties and allow travelers to stay with them without charging them any money.

Now, you might be thinking how is it beneficial to the hosts. Well, not everyone does everything for any benefits. The hosts just love having people at their homes. It is like guests coming to your home. The only difference here is the guests would be strangers. Like, think about it, wouldn’t it be great to have people coming to your homes every week, from different parts of the world? There is no benefit for the hosts here, they just love to have company.



There might be a question in your mind, is it safe? And what if something happens while you are in their homes. The answer to this question is yes and no both. Starting with yes, there are 80% positive reviews about the hosts. There are very few chances where your host won’t turn out the way you expected them to be. But, don’t worry not everyone is like that. But one bad experience would be enough to change your thoughts about Couchsurfing.

Now with no, I have met people saying that their host was a little creepy and they had to leave his house immediately. Now, to avoid this situation, check the references and reviews about the host you would like to stay with. It is just like seeing reviews on Amazon for a particular product. Couchsurfing has become very strict and they are trying to eliminate all the fake hosts. So, make sure you do check the person’s profile before you message them.

How Does This Work?

The host lists their property on the website. As a traveler, the first thing you need to do is put your travel dates and destination on your profile. If you are lucky enough then a host might contact you after seeing your updates. The only way of contacting is by direct messages. There is no request system like other social media profiles.

If you like the property and you find a host with decent reviews then you should directly message them. Make sure you keep your profile updated because as the travelers the host would also check your profile and reject you seeing your incomplete profile. Make sure you keep your profile up to date.


Couchsurfing is not only just about staying at people’s home. It is also about meeting new people. This is where travelers put the dates and destination on their profile and other people approach you. Same way they will messages you asking you if you are nearby and if you would want to meet up.

This can be a very good way to save money as well. You might be thinking – Now you are exaggerating Vishal, how can meeting someone save you money? Think of it in another way. The person who is going to contact you would also be a solo traveler and he would also like to save money as you. So together you can share the transportation costs, meals costs and if you are comfortable then maybe accommodation as well. This is always a very good way to save some money.

The type of accommodation you get in Couchsurfing is not fixed. I mean sometimes they have a couch for you, sometimes they have a whole room, or sometimes you end up on someone’s terrace under those beautiful stars. Be ready for any type of accommodation you get. Let’s face it you are getting the stay for free, don’t complain about that.

Basically, Couchsurfing works in all sorts of ways. You just have to find the right way to use it without misusing the platform.

Couchsurfing Partners.


This is a little story about two girls Katie and Julie, which I met in Malaysia. We met near the Petronas Towers where I was clicking some pictures of myself with my Canon 77D as well as my mobile phone. I was just playing around with different angles and out of nowhere they both came and asked me are you alone? I said yes. They told me they have never seen a person so crazy for pictures. I told them I have to get these shots for my blog.


Then they also introduced themselves, and we started talking. This is my favorite part about traveling, meeting other travelers and listening to their stories. One very interesting and shocking thing they told me was they have been traveling since the past 8 months and they have not paid a single penny for accommodation. I was like what? They said yes. They have been Couchsurfing since they started traveling. The only money they spend was on their transport and food. They said sometimes they also get food for free from their host.

New Experience.

They are the masters in the Couchsurfing platform. One fun fact I got to know about them is that they didn’t have an Instagram account. They say that they want to just travel the world and sharing their journey with the world was not their priority. Just the two of them in their little world. We usually didn’t see people like these nowadays. Meeting such people gives you a different perspective on life. Their way of living and their way of looking towards life is very different. It just feels so good interacting with such people. Now might know why I didn’t click a picture with them. Some things are just meant to be in our memories.


Just Imagine the amount the money they would have saved in these 8 months. Couchsurfing has allowed them to travel longer without worrying about accommodation. It was really nice meeting you guys. If you are reading this, I would like to thank you for sharing this lovely experience. I am sure many people would choose Couchsurfing just because of you. That is the kind of impact you have from your story.


Couchsurfing is a very good platform for those who want to know more about local people and their culture. Saving money is always a second option for Couchsurfing. It has so much more things to offer than just saving money.

That’s it for today’s blog.

Hope so you liked this little tip for saving money.

There are so many other ways you can save money or even travel for free.

I will some come up with that article as well.

See you in my next blog.

Keep Travelling. Keep Budgeting.

Founder – Stubborn Hippie,

Vishal Hadal.


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