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Cheap Travel Destinations In 2020 You Should Visit


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Traveling has evolved and lots of people are doing it nowadays. If you aren’t already traveling then what are you waiting for? No, I’m not walking about a year-long journey but just a few trips in one year. I know you are thinking that traveling to these destinations will cost you a lot of money. Don’t worry about this article I’m going to tell you about the cheap travel destinations to visit in 2020.

It is already 2020 and if you are still using the overpriced tour companies and agents then you need to stop doing it this year. It is not at all difficult to plan a trip nowadays. Thankfully the internet has a lot of resources and it is becoming easier to plan a trip yourself. There are so many beautiful travel destinations around the world for you to see.

If you are completely new to planning a trip then check out this article first.

How to plan a Budget trip?


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Now let’s get to the part for which you really came here. The cheap travel destinations to visit in 2020.

Things to Look In The Cheap Travel Destinations.

There are various things you need to check before going to the destination if you are traveling on a budget. Just a cheap flight ticket does not guarantee your trip is going to be cheap.

Yes. getting a cheap flight ticket does help you but it is not the only thing you should look for while budget traveling. For e.g. Flight tickets to the Maldives are cheap from India but it is a very expensive destination to travel.

You must look for these things while Budget Traveling.

Attractions with less or no entry fees.

This is certainly the first thing you should look at when you are researching a new destination. Try and find places which don’t have a lot of entry fees or else you are going to burn all your money just on attractions.

Only opt for 1 or 2 places which are the landmarks of the city and must-visit places there. Only pay for them which is the reason you came to that place. For e.g., if you take a trip to Cambodia, you must visit Angkor Wat. It is worth the $37 you pay.

If you spend more on Day 1, then make sure you are avoiding any paid attraction for the next 2 days. That will even things for you.

Cheaper Public Transportation.

Another very important thing to look at while budget traveling. Public transportation is kind of a superpower of budget travelers. This will save you a lot of money and you can use the same for your further trips.

You should only use Taxi and services like that if there is absolutely no other option or it is very late at night and all the public transportation options are shut.

Make sure you do proper research for the public transportation of the city you are visiting.

Airport to city connectivity.

Last but not least, do check if the airport you are arriving in has proper connectivity to the city. What I mean to say is it should have any options and not just taxis which cost a lot of money.

Many airports do have metro and bus options that connect the airport and the city. Look at this info regarding your city before traveling.

You Should Avoid These Things While Budget Traveling.

Apart from the things you should be looking at a destination, also make a list of things you should avoid doing. Here is a list of things that I try to avoid whenever I am on a trip.

Buying Bottled Water.

This wouldn’t seem a big amount at the time but just imagine if you are buying 3 bottles per day. It turns out to be 21 bottles per week.

What you can do is carry an empty bottle and fill it in your hostel and carry it around. If you finish the bottle you can refill it anywhere you are having lunch.

In western countries, tap water is also drinkable so you won’t have any problem there. Whereas in Southeast Asian countries the tap water is not drinkable. Just keep a note of that.

Not Staying In Hostels.

This was another mistakes during I made during my earlier traveling days. But after I started living in hostels, I never opted for a hotel during any of my solo trips.

Staying in hostels not only saves you money, but you also meet some like-minded people there and exchange your stories.

Make a note to yourself if you are traveling solo make sure to book a hostel. It would be a great experience.

If you are traveling solo for the first time do check these articles.

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Following A Fixed Itinerary.

Make a rough itinerary of your trip and keep it with you. But also try to be flexible with your day. Don’t rely completely on planned things. There might be a chance where you could get to do something more exciting and cheaper.

You could only be able to do that if you be flexible and avoid following your itinerary.

cheap Travel Destinations To Visit in 2020


Cheap Travel Destinations

This country has always been the top choice for all the backpackers because of its beaches, jungles, islands and most importantly the price it offers. If you are starting out this would be a very good country to start off.

Just one thing I want to share because of the increasing number of tourists the prices in Thailand have raised a little in popular places like Bangkok, Pattaya. I don’t know it is because of the tourist or if there is another reason for that.

Compared to central and southern Thailand, Northern Thailand is pretty cheap and you can try and visit that place first.


1. Meals Cost – $5 to $10.

2. Accommodation – Up to $10.

3. Transportation – $5 to $10.


Cheap Travel Destinations

Another very beautiful country to visit. This is kind of a luxury city you can travel on a budget. It has everything from Skyscrapers to beaches to islands to tea gardens, etc.

This was my first International destination. It was truly a beautiful experience. I did this trip in just $120 for 1 week.

Don’t believe me? Check out this article.

Malaysia Budget Travel Guide.

AVERAGE COST PER DAY$30 (Can be done at even less price.)


Cheap Travel Destinations

It is one of the very unappreciated countries among the other Southeast Asain countries.

This place is not on everyone’s priority list but if you are getting a cheap flight to this place, do get them. You won’t regret your decision. The prices are considerably cheap depending on which part of the country you are living, but there won’t be a huge difference.


Meals – $5 to $12.

Accommodation – $3 to $8.

Transportation – $3 to $10.


Cheap Travel Destinations

Being a beginner backpacker you should probably start your journey fro Hanoi. This city is rated as the cheapest city to travel in Southeast Asia.

As a beginner, you may want to start with the number one cheap city.

This place has a lot to offer and after completing this journey you can go on and explore other cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An.


Meal – $5 to $8

Accommodation – $6 to $12

Transport – $7 to $14.


This is a place where we Indians visit a lot. Maybe because of the landscapes, maybe because of the No visa requirements. I don’t know, but one thing I can surely tell you that it is very beautiful and amazing country for any type of traveler.

Southeast Asian countries are known for budget traveling and no way that Indonesia can’t be mentioned in that.

Just one thing which strikes me is that most Indians only visit Bali and the places around it. Indonesia is not just about Bali. There are many beautiful places to see around.


Meals – $5 to $15

Accommodation – $7 to $10

Transportation – $5 to $10


India is another budget destination people travel to. There are many cultures and things you see and experience in India.

In every state you go, you find people with different languages, outfits, cultures, habits, etc. And each and every part of India is so beautiful and amazing to travel.

Here are some of my budget travel guides in India. Do have a look if you are visiting anytime soon.

Rishikesh Budget Travel Guide.

Manali Budget Travel Guide.

Udaipur Budget Travel Guide.

Kerala Budget Travel Guide.


Meals – $5 to $10

Accommodation – $3 to $8

Transportation – $3 to $9

Andaman Nicobar Islands.

This is actually a part of India. So Indians don’t really need a visa to visit this place. They also don’t require a passport to travel here. So, if you are planning a budget vacation with your family and friends, this might be a very great place for you to visit.


Meal – $5 to $10.

Accommodation – $7 to $15

Transport – $5 to $8, A scooter might be the cheapest mode of travel.


The place because of which most people love to visit Cambodia is Angkor Wat.

Apart from this, there are many other places to visit in Cambodia like Phnom Penh, Koh Rong Samloem, Phnom Sampeu.

They will surely not disappoint you in any way.


Meals – $3 to $10

Accommodatin – $6 to $11

Transportation – $5 to $13


Many of you will debate that this is not as cheap as other places. Well, you are kind of right but there are many ways you can do a Phillippines trip on a budget.

This place is full of mesmerizing spots which you will hardly see anywhere.

Just keep in mind that whenever booking a trip here, try to grab the tickets well in advance and check the visa process as well. If you are an Indian with a multiple entry Singapore visa you can get free Visa on Arrival in Phillippines.

AVERAGE COST PER DAY – $30 to $35.

Meals – $5 to $12

Accommodation – $6 to $14

Transport – $10 to $13.


Pokhara and Kathmandu are the two very affordable places that you can visit around in Nepal.

Famous for its monasteries situated in between the bright white mountain, this place makes your trip really awesome.

Apart from Pokhara and Kathmandu, there are other budget places too like Lumbini, Jhapa, Chitwan. If you are going here try to include them in your itinerary as well.


Meals- $5 to $10.

Accommodation – $5 to $10.

Transport – $4 to $10.

Sri Lanka.

Cheap Travel Destinations

Another neighboring country of India where travelers are starting to travel a lot around the past years.

One thing which many people are complaining is about the expensive entry of most attractions. They are around $30 to $55 on most of the sites.

This can upset your budget a little bit. If you try and avoid this then you can surely do a proper budget trip here.


Meals – $6 to $11

Accommodation – $9 to $16

Transport – $10 to $15.

This was the list of cheap travel destinations in 2020.


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