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Category: Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur city to Kuala Lumpur airport

How to get from Kuala Lumpur city to Kuala Lumpur airport

Kuala Lumpur is one of my favorite cities when it comes to public transportation and its reliability. There are many options you can choose while traveling around in Kuala Lumpur like RapidKL, GoKL, KTM Komuter, etc. Also, these are very reliable and you will be able to complete your journey

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Kuala Lumpur Airport to Kuala Lumpur City

How to get from Kuala Lumpur airport to Kuala Lumpur city

Traveling from any airport to the city center is quite confusing for many people. The reason behind this is every airport has different ways of connecting to the city. Some airports have a lot of public and private ways while some only have taxi services. This article will give you

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3 Very Unusual Things Happened with me in Malaysia.

This is another story from the road. It is about the 3 things which happened with me while travelling in Malaysia. Just a quick insight, these are not something which are scary or something like that. These are things that made me realize how helpful people can be and the

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When I Met A Chinese Couple In Penang, Malaysia

This is a story about a very unusual couple I met in Penang. They just changed the meaning of traveling and life for me. I never even thought that traveling would be so important in someone’s life. I know you might sound confused now, but let me tell you their

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