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Category: Budget Travel Guides

Kerala Budget Travel Guide

Kerala Budget Travel Guide: 8 Days in Just Rs.7800.

Kerala, known as God’s own country is a very versatile and beautiful state to visit on the south coast of India. This Kerala Budget Travel Guide will help you plan a plan your very own journey to Kerala including some major spots on a very less budget. Everything from buses

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How to plan a budget trip?

How to plan a budget trip?

Traveling the world is kind of a dream of everyone. It is also said that only those can travel who have a travel credit card with a huge limit to it and someone who has lots of money. Well, this is not right at all. In a world where you

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Myanmar Gate

Myanmar Gate: A Rs.250 One Day Getaway from Mumbai.

Everybody is looking for one day getaways around Mumbai. There are tons of places but are they affordable? are they doable in one day? There are lot of factors while planning such short trips. Today’s article is about a very unique and cheap getaway from Mumbai which you can do

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