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Cabin Bag Essentials for Traveling: Things you must carry with you.

Cabin Bag Essentials

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The majority of the airlines only allow up to 7kg to 10kg of cabin luggage. It becomes so difficult to pack everything you need in such shot space and in that zone, people forget most of the cabin bag essentials they should be carrying. This article is about the absolute necessary cabin bag essentials which you should be carrying. This list will start from the very obvious to some which people usually forget.

Let’s start with our Cabin Bag Essentials list.

Multipurpose Passport Wallet.

Your passport is the most important thing when you are traveling to another country. Always keep a passport wallet that has multiple pockets in it so that you can keep some other important stuff inside it too. The immigration card which you can lose easily can be stored safely inside this wallet.

You can also keep your boarding passes in it. All the important things right from check-in till check out can be stored inside this. When you buy this make sure you pick a good one that has water resistance so you won’t damage your important documents.

You can check this one on Amazon down below.

Dahsha Travel Passport Holder Wallet Case.

Extra Debit/Credit Cards.

This one is very necessary and I have learned this from my own mistake. If you have read the articles from my Malaysian series you might be familiar with this. For those who don’t know I lost my debit card at Malaysia airport. From this incident, I have realized how important these extra Debit/Credit cards are.

You can ask your bank to provide another card for your account. If your bank refuses than you can open another bank account and use its debit card. I would suggest you open a zero-balance account as you will be keeping this as your backup. If you are in a similar situation where you lose your card then you can always transfer money to this account and withdraw it.

Important Documents.

There is no need of mentioning this as the majority of the people keep this thing on the top. I am just mentioning this section to let you know what are the documents I carry with me every time I travel to a different destination.

The list of documents I carry with me always is

  1. One Photocopy of passport.
  2. Two Photocopies of tickets.
  3. Photocopy of visa.
  4. Passport Photos.
  5. Extra photo identity apart from Passport.
  6. A student ID card (if any)
  7. Digital copies of all the above documents.

Filtered Water Bottle.

This was also one of the things I mentioned in my Backpack essentials. You can check that article here.

Always carry your own water bottle in your cabin bag as the prices of the mineral bottled water can be a little high at the airport. There are many water dispensers at the airport so you can always fill up water from those. If you are unsure about the tap water then you can always use any filtered water bottle. You can check this one out on Amazon.

Lifestraw Go Advanced Reusable Personal Filter Water Bottle

Sweat Shirt.

I always have a sweatshirt with a hoodie because the temperature in the cabin can be very chill sometimes. This will give you some relief if you don’t carry any blankets around with you. Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be in your backpack, you can wear it from home if you want.

I would suggest carrying something which is a little heavy material which could be suitable in any condition. If you don’t have one you can look at this one.

High Hill Men’s Cotton Sweatshirt


Never ever keep your valuables in your check-in baggage. There are many incidents of baggage being lost and you don’t want your valuables to be lost. Valuables include everything like jewelry, camera, tablets, laptops, etc.

Keep all these things with you safe in the cabin. Yes, the baggage system has become very reliable now but still, you don’t want to take any chances on that.

Charger/Power Bank.

I think most of you already know this. It doesn’t matter how much bigger battery you have on your phone, always carry a charger with you in the cabin bag. You never know when you will need it. Sometimes flight gets delayed and we usually pass time on our phone so you might need your battery to be charged during such instances.

Power banks are anyways not allowed in the check-in bag so you have to carry them in your cabin bag. They can be super useful to charge your electronics. Not only your phone but your headphones, tablets, etc. If you don’t own one have a look at this one on Amazon. This is one of the best power banks in the market. This will last you any flight. It has around 40000+ reviews on Amazon. Do check it out.

Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i


Unless it is your first time flying in an airplane you need some entertainment to get you through the journey. During your first time you really get excited to see the things going around you, the clouds, aircraft from inside, etc. etc. It is ok for the first time but it gets pretty boring if you are a regular flyer so keep some sort of entertainment with you.

It could be anything you could enjoy like a book, some movies, any tv series, etc.


Again, no need to describe these. These are the ones which you shouldn’t even think twice before packing. If you planning a one-day trip, a week-long trip or even a month-long trip always make sure to fill your backpack with snacks every day.


A very important thing which you should never forget. I have seen many people forget them while they are busy packing other things. This is one of the must-have cabin bag essentials. I would suggest carrying some Bluetooth earphones so that the cables won’t tangle around in your backpack.

There are many products you can choose from. I personally would prefer the boat rockerz 255. They are listed on Amazon and currently have 40000 ratings on it. Check them out below.

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone


This again depends on different individuals. If you take medicines every day then make sure you carry a prescription of it with you. Otherwise, you may not be allowed to take them with you.


There are certain rules when it comes to toiletries like face wash, deodorant, shampoo, etc. You can only carry them in a certain quantity and not more than that. Even carries some of the toiletries with them whenever they travel. There is nothing new in this.

I have mentioned this because if you carry these things then make sure you put them in a transparent bag which can be easily accessible and scanned at the airport. Some rules of the airlines do suggest you do that. Make sure you do follow them.


Another thing which people forget a lot. I had done this mistake a few times now. Although now I don’t do this as I have realized how important this small thing is.

You will require this from the point you check in until your check out. Make sure you keep spare pens in your bag always.

Extra US Dollars for Emergency.

These could be helpful in case of any emergencies. There could a possibility that your card doesn’t work or there might be a problem with the ATM or something similar to that. These extra US dollars would be very beneficial for you in such circumstances. They are the currency which is widely accepted all over the world so you won’t have any problem there.

Hp Sprocket Plus (Very Much Optional).

This one is completely optional and you really don’t need to buy this one. The reason I mentioned this one is because there was an incident at Phuket airport when I was traveling to Krabi. There was this guy who had forgotten his passport photographs for the visa on arrival form which we are supposed to fill at the airport before exiting.

He quickly removed this portable printer and printed out the passport photos from this. He has a copy of them in his mobile phone. That was when I realized how important and useful this thing could be. Yes, there are centers where you can click your photos before the immigration counter but this could save you the hassle.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest you to but this for the only reason of printing your passport photos. If you have this one you can use it or else don’t buy a new one for this only reason. It won’t be worth it. Yes, if you like printing your photos a lot for your dairy or something like that then you can consider buying it. I am mentioning this product below in case you want to take a look at it.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

That’s it for today’s article.

These are my top cabin bag essentials which you should carry with you always.

See you in the next one.


Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.

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