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Choosing The Best Travel Backpack In 2020

Travel Backpack

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There is a lot of confusion regarding the travel backpacks. It gets very difficult to choose the right one because of the increasing number of companies. In this article, I will help you choose the best travel backpack. Also, I will mention a list of travel backpack which are my absolute favorite.

This list includes backpacks starting Rs.1500 to Rs.19000 ($22 to $270) so it could fit into everyone’s budget.

One thing I have learned over the year that there is no such thing as a perfect backpack. You won’t find all the features in one single backpack. In such a situation the first thing you can do is make a list of the things you need in a backpack and then start searching for one.

Being Up to Date is the Key.

Travel Backpack

If you are picking up a travel backpack for the first time then I’m sure you must have been doing a lot of research, reading articles, watching videos so that you can find the best travel backpack for you. I also started the way you guys are doing now and I know this beginning phase.

As I started traveling, my requirements started changing and I had to update my backpack from time to time. A few years ago, I didn’t have a camera, laptop or any such electronics products. So during that time, a normal rucksack was enough for me and it lasted without causing any problem.

Later, I bought a new camera and soon realized that this backpack is not good for me. It was clearly not designed to protect my camera gear. So, I had to opt for another travel backpack which could accommodate my camera safely. After a few months, I bought a laptop and again I updated my backpack.

The point is you have to define your requirements first and then choose the travel backpack which suits your requirements.

Understanding The Type Of Your Trip.

First, you need to check the type of journey you are going on. Whether it is a short trip, whether it is the end of the year college trips, or if you are planning a year-long trip. There could be many possibilities, you can decide the type of your journey.

To keep it simple let’s divide this into three types of trips.

  1. Weekends Trips.
  2. One Week Trips.
  3. Month/Year Long Trips

The big confusion is about the type of bag people want to purchase. They can’t decide whether to choose a backpack or suitcase.

For all those stuck in this situation, I have a suggestion for you. You should only opt for a suitcase if you are on a trip in your own vehicle or going on a short trip or going to someplace where you don’t have to travel more.

Suitcases on a long trip are a no go. It becomes very hectic to carry your suitcases when you are moving from city to city.

A backpack is suitable for any type of journey you want to travel to. They are more flexible and convenient to carry along with you. Obviously, they are heavy, but in the long run, they are far better than suitcases.

Classification of A Travel Backpack.

Travel Backpack

There are so many types in which these travel backpacks can be classified. I personally keep it simple and just divide them into three types.

  1. Daypack.
  2. Backpack.
  3. Rucksack

I’ll give you a small description of each of them if you are unaware of them


As the name suggests these are small bags that are suitable for carrying around for a day. Most travelers carry these bags as they are very useful when it comes to local exploring and short travels.

I personally call it the front pack. You want to know why? Most traveling including me, carry two backpacks with them. One in the back and another one in the front. This way of traveling has proved very effective in the past few years.

For the sake of giving it a name, I call it the front pack. I know it is kind of silly but it is just for my understanding. Now, don’t go to any bag store and ask for a front pack. They will have no clue what you are talking about.


The most common term used for bags. I don’t think anyone needs any description of backpacks.


These backpacks are what most of the people called as the trekking backpacks. Many people are still unaware of the term rucksack, hence whenever they go to buy one they call them trekking backpacks.

These are big padded backpacks with the main compartment. Most rucksacks have this only one compartment and many people find it difficult to organize their stuff inside such bags.

If this is the case, you should check out these packing cubes. They can be very useful for organizing things inside your rucksacks.

Choosing The Right Travel Backpack.

For choosing the right travel backpack for yourself, you must look for these things in your backpack.


This is definitely the first thing you should be looking into. Comfortability is the key while traveling and you don’t want to hurt your back while traveling. Make sure to look for this in the description of the backpack if you are buying one online. Watch videos to confirm it and lastly do check the reviews of what the people are telling about the comfortability.


It is very difficult to carry a backpack on your back for a very long time. This is where the hip belt comes into the picture. They provide extra support to your back by diving the weight on your back and hips. This way it becomes much easier to carry these backpacks around.


As I mentioned above rucksacks just have a top compartment and the accessibility of such backpacks is not that great. If you get an option try and pick a backpack that can be can is accessible from the front. There are backpacks that have a top compartment with a zipper at the front and it becomes very easy to get your stuff in those backpacks.


This is another important thing you should be looking into your backpacks. There is a misconception that you only need a waterproof bag during the rainy season. But, trust me this is not the case. There is always a chance of water spilling on your backpack. It is better for you to opt for a waterproof backpack. Also, it doesn’t have to be completely waterproof, anything with a water-resistant material will do.


The more compartments are the better. While looking for backpacks, try and look for a big compartment, a laptop sleeve(if you carry around one), small compartments for your important documents. Also, try and choose a backpack that has a bottom compartment for your laundry or shoes or used stuff. You don’t want to mix them up in the same compartment.


Rucksacks come in various sizes. They are mostly measured in liters. You will see backpacks with 50l, 60l, 70l capacity. You have to choose the right one for your trip. I have been using a 60l backpack for the past few years and it is sufficient for me and my type of travel. Now, whichever size suits you the best, you can choose that one.

The Best Travel Backpack You Can Buy Now.

Now, don’t get me wrong these are not the only best products available on the market but they are pretty reliable.

My goal while looking for backpacks is to look for features as well as the price. I’m pretty sure they will fit into most people’s budgets, except for one or two bags.

1. Quechua 60 L Rucksack.


This is one of my favorite backpacks. These backpacks have made a huge improvement over the years and they have proven to be very reliable for most of the travelers.

Don’t forget to check the other products from Quechua.

NOTE: Don’t buy Quechua Backpacks on Amazon. The prices are way too high over there. If you are interested in buying this then visit this site.


You can also visit one of their stores and purchase this bag from there.


Osprey Backpacks are one of the best backpacks brands in the market. They are not very popular in India though. The price says the story itself. But if you are seeing it as a long term investment then you should definitely go for these backpacks. They are very reliable and the quality which they offer is amazing.

I’m not just saying this by reading the reviews on Amazon or other sites online. I have personally seen these backpacks with many travelers I have met during my travels. Also, I did ask a guy about it and he said it has been 5 years since he bought that bag and he hasn’t had a problem since then.

And yes, in India the prices of these backpacks are very high as compared to the U.S markets. So, only buy if you have that kind of money or you are willing to invest in it for a long time.

This post contains affiliate links i.e. if you buy using these links then I will get some commission without any extra cost to you.

That is it for this article. Hope you liked it.

Keep Traveling. Keep Budgeting.

Vishal Hadal.

Stubborn Hippie.

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Travel Backpack
Travel Backpack

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