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Best Travel Accessories Under Rs.1000.

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Planning a trip to a new destination? Do you have the right travel accessories you need to carry on this trip with you? Are you on a budget and cannot afford the expensive travel accessories? Don’t worry I have got you covered.

Today’s article is going to be about the best travel accessories you can purchase under Rs.1000 ($15). These are going to be some basic and very necessary accessories which you can buy without breaking your bank.


Let’s start with the best travel accessories.

Collapsible Water Bottle.

Water bottles certainly take a lot of space in your backpacks. This is also one thing you cannot afford to leave home or forget. Buying water bottles also might not be a very good solution if you are a budget traveler. During all these situations, the best solution for this would be to get something compact which can also be extended when needed. This way you can save up some space for the other most essentials items.

In case you are not aware of any collapsible water bottles, you can check this one which I am mentioning below.

International Travel Adapter.

Universal adapters are a must while traveling. There are different power outlets in various regions and your traditional chargers won’t work there. The universal travel adapters have slots from all the major regions of the world. If you are a frequent traveler then you won’t need to buy different adapters every time you travel internationally.

Passport Covers.

Well, I wouldn’t say this is most necessary for your travel but it has various uses too. Having a cover gives extra protection for your passport obviously, but also it has some compartments to keep some of your important things inside them like a boarding pass, immigration pass, etc. They help you keep things sorted and accessible for your journey

Packing Cubes.

These packing cubes are the best travel accessories you can buy. The value they give for their price is just amazing and it really helps you be organized during your trip. For all those, you don’t know what packing cubes are? I’ll explain it to you.

They are these small bags that come in different sizes so you can organize your luggage accordingly. Normally, they come in 3 different sizes when you buy them from Amazon. You can use them according to your convenience and use. Still, if you are confused then you can click on the image below it will take you straight to amazon and get a proper idea of how they work.

Weighing Scale.

Paying extra luggage is the one thing that really frustrates me. Most airlines are very strict regarding their luggage rules and if you don’t follow those then you might end up paying a lot of money for your luggage.

If you already own a weighing scale then you can check your luggage and adjust it. If you are still overweight you can buy some luggage before going to the airport. Trust me, this will save a lot of money. Your pre-booked luggage will cost very much less than the amount you would pay directly at the counter.

Hanging Toiletry Bag.

This is one of the travel accessories with multiple uses. The reason I mentioned hanging is that it gives you the flexibility of using them in a train, hostel, airports or any other transport and accommodation hub in which you are traveling.

Also, it helps you sort and organizes your toiletries in one place. Check these out on Amazon.

USB Organizers.

This depends on person to person and also the type of gadgets you carry with you during your travels. I personally have a lot of gadgets like mobile phones, power banks, DSLR, GoPro, laptops, etc. All these gadgets come with different chargers and their cords. To keep all of them properly organized.

If you just throw them in your backpack, then there might be a risk of the cords getting damaged and you won’t be able to use the particular gadget and if you want to use it then you might have to purchase a new cord for the same. Believe me, finding such small accessories for an unknown city is a pain. Instead, you can buy this organizer below at a very cheap rate and save all the hassle.

Long USB Cables.

Yes, this is one of the most useful purchases I have done. I read about this earlier but didn’t give any importance to it until I faced the problem. I was at the Kuala Lumpur airport and as usual, I arrived at the airport 3 hours early. I was searching for a charging port and I found one. But the problem was my USB cable was very short and I had to hold my phone for around 1 hour.

That was the time I decided that I need to buy some long USB cables to avoid this situation again. If you don’t want to face the same problem then click the image below and buy one for yourself.

Travel Pillow.

This is one of the highly recommended travel accessories for long as well as short journeys. You might have seen people travel with them during any of your journeys. Firstly, I also used to think that it won’t be that useful but I was wrong. And yes, it is not absolutely necessary or compulsory but it will make your journey a lot easier for you in many ways.

Check this on Amazon

Luggage Lock.

No need of mentioning these. I believe most of the people already carry a lock with them whenever they travel. People are very certain about their luggage so I have seen most people either buying a luggage lock or buying a bag with a lock pre-installed on it.

I’ll just leave a link below in case you want to check some of them on amazon.

Foldable Bag.

Carrying multiple bags during your trips is a big no. You will hear this from every single traveler you ever meet. They will tell you how frustrating is to carry around two-three bags for your entire trip.

What you need during your trip is a folding bag that compacts inside your main backpack. This can be further used as a day pack or for any extra luggage you bring with you after your trip. You need some extra space so you can get souvenirs back home. Trust me these bags are so worth it.


Most people say that flashlights are only good for trekkers, mountaineers or the people who go camping and stuff. Well, this is very wrong and you need to know that it isn’t the case. The flashlight is one of those travel accessories which can be useful for every type of traveler right for Backpackers to budget travelers to luxury travelers.

This can come handy in any situation. If you are one of those travelers who love living in hostels then this certainly can be a very important accessory to you.

That’s it for the best travel accessories under Rs.1000.

If you know any more travel accessories feel free to mention them below in the comment section. I will surely add them to the list.

See you at the next one.


Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.

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