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Bangkok to Pattaya Travel Guide.

Bangkok to Pattaya

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Being the capital of Thailand, most of the travelers come to Bangkok first. Also, the flight tickets are cheapest to Bangkok from India. It becomes quite an obvious decision to fly out here and then move to other cities by some ground transport. Pattaya is one of the closest places in Bangkok and you travel there on a very little budget. Today’s article is going to be about the ways you can travel from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Distance from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya – 122 km

Don Mueang Airport to Pattaya – 162 km

Ekkamai BTS Station to Pattaya – 144 km

Mo Chit Bus Terminal to Pattaya – 150 km

Hua lam Phong Railway Station to Pattaya – 150 km

Buses from Bangkok to Pattaya.

buses to travel from bangkok to Pattaya

There is a daily bus service which connects the two cities and it is very frequent. It is all day long and you don’t have to worry about your bus being missed, as there are many options for reaching Pattaya by bus. The bus service starts from 5:20 in the morning and continues all the way till 23:20. There are buses every 30 minutes.

The different bus terminals from where you can catch a bus to Pattaya are

Ekkamai BTS Station – Eastern Bus Terminal.

Mo Chit Bus Terminal – Northern Bus Terminal.

Sai Tai Mai – Southern Bus Terminal.

These are the main bus terminals from where you can easily get a bus to Pattaya. Yes, there are other terminals as well but these are the most reliable. Also, getting to these terminals from any part of Bangkok is comparatively easier.


Buses are the cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya. An A/C bus will cost you around THB 100 to THB 150. That is the maximum amount which you are going to pay to catch a bus from any of these terminals above. Most tourists prefer to travel by bus as it is value for money and the services are very reliable.

Trains from Bangkok to Pattaya

trains to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya

As for the prices, the train is the cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya. But it is also not the cheapest way. Confused? Let me explain. The trains to reach from Bangkok to Pattaya start from Hua Lam Phong railway station and there are only two trains in the entire day.

The train timings are 6:45 a.m. and 6:55 a.m. That’s it, there are no more trains available on an entire day after this. So, you have to catch an early morning taxi or tuk-tuk or whatever else which is available to reach Hua Lam Phong railway station. As there will be limited options in the morning, the taxis drivers are going to charge you a lot and it will eventually turn out to be a big amount overall. It makes no sense to catch that early morning train just because of the low fare unless you are staying anywhere near the Hua Lam Phong Station.

For anyone who is staying close to this railway station, catching a train is a very good option and also a very cheap one.


The prices for the trains are as follows

First Class – THB 140.

Second Class – THB 70.

Third Class – THB 31.

Minivan from Bangkok to Pattaya

These are a kind of semi-luxury way of transportation. A little expensive than the buses and a little cheaper than the taxis, they sit kind of in the middle. The advantage of using these are, they are fast and take less time than the buses and the trains.


The minivan will cost you around THB 250 to THB 400.

You can negotiate with the drivers and even get a good deal on this.

Taxis/Grab from Bangkok to Pattaya

Taxi or Grab to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya

The most expensive way of traveling is by using taxis. This is one thing that can be easily ignored by budget travelers. Even if you are in a group this is certainly not value for all the budget travelers. You can get taxis from all the parts of Bangkok and there is no point in telling a certain location for them. It would just be illogical. Let jump directly on the price.


The taxis would cost you around THB 1300 to THB 2000 for a two-hour ride.

From Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya

There are two options for reaching Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi airport. A cheap one and an expensive one.

One thing you need to know that after you step out of the airport there will be many people coming to you. They would be offering various offers for Pattaya and any other city you are traveling to. You have to be careful here and not just spend money blindly.


There are buses leaving from the Airport Transport Center which is a little away from the airport. But there is a complimentary bus which you can take till that and from there you can catch a bus till Pattaya. These buses continue to run after every 2 hours and there are probably 5 to 6 buses in a single day. I am not sure of the timing though.

These buses would cost you around THB 100 to THB 110.


If you want to travel by taxi then you might want to go for the metered taxis which have a fixed rate. Those are the ones you can trust and don’t worry about paying extra. There is an official rate from the airport till Pattaya. The rate which was quoted to me was around THB 1100. You can check it yourself when you visit. Also, there is an expressway charge which will be charged from you. It is only THB 60. Overall, the price comes out to be around THB 1200.

There you go these are all the ways you can travel from Bangkok to Pattaya. You can choose any one way which is convenient for you and opt for it.

That’s it for Today’s article.

See you in the next one.

Keep Traveling. Keep Budgeting.

Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.

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Bangkok to Pattaya

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