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Ayutthaya Travel Guide: The Angkor Wat of Bangkok


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Out of the many places to visit near Bangkok, Ayutthaya is definitely one of the most amazing places to visit. If you are aware of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, this place gives kind of the same vibes. Ayutthaya is just a 2-hour train ride from Bangkok city. It could be the perfect one-day trip if you plan it accordingly.

This guide is not about the top places you can visit in Ayutthaya. For that, there are already tons of articles. The below guide is about how you can reach cheaply and travel around without being scammed.

Let’s begin with the article.

I am going to breakdown this article in the following types for a better understanding of this place and to avoid being scammed.

 How to reach there.


Ayutthaya is a well-known tourist place, it also becomes a very good place for scammers. People would have various offers saying they will take you in their cab and help you explore Ayutthaya at a certain price.

You should avoid all these scammers and use transportation most of the people use for a good price.


The cheapest way to reach Ayutthaya is to use the train from the Hua Lampong Railway Station.

After entering the station go to counter number 13 and 14. They are on the right side of the ticket counter. These are the counters from where you can get a train ticket to Ayutthaya.


The price of the train journey is just THB 15.

The train will reach Ayutthaya in less than 2 hours. Giving just THB 15 for a 2-hour train ride is completely worth it.

If catching the train, be aware of the train timings and make sure you plan your day trip according to the train timings.


Another way to reach Ayutthaya is to take a bus from Bangkok city. You can catch the bus from Mo Chit station.

The price for the bus is around THB 60.

The bus will take you to Ayutthaya is around 90 minutes. This option is a little faster, but not but a lot. You have to almost pay 4 times the money if you use the bus option.

Some people do not have a habit of traveling by train, for them, the bus could e a very good option.

How to explore Ayutthaya.


Now, this is the most confusing part and the part where people get scammed a lot just because they don’t have proper information about exploring this place.

The most convenient and cheap way to explore Ayutthaya is by renting bicycles or motorbikes.

As soon as you leave the station you will find different stalls giving you various rates for the bicycles and the motorbikes.

The prices for the bicycles and the motorbikes are as follows

Bicycles – THB 50 for a day

Motorbikes – THB 150 to THB 200 for a day


As for the motorbikes, I would suggest you come early around 10 a.m. in Ayutthaya and rent the bike for the full day till 7 p.m.

For those coming around 2 or 3 p.m., the motorbike would just be worthless.

Start your day early and if you are two people then the motorbikes would definitely be a value deal for you all.


Those who want to explore Ayutthaya on a bicycle, there is a small tip for you all.

After you get down from the train you start walking towards the ferry. First, you cross the river and after then you rent the bicycle. The reason behind this is that if you use a ferry without Bicycle the charge is just THB 5, but the ferry charge with the bicycle is around THB 10.

So, it is better that you rent bicycles on the other side of the river. It would save you the hassle of taking the bicycle on the boat and also save you some money.

Make sure you ask for the lock from where you would rent the bicycles.

Things to know about in Ayutthaya.


There are many temples in Ayutthaya. If you want to visit all of them then you have to come really early as they are sort of divided into three groups.

The north Ayutthaya, the central and the southern. Mostly if you are just exploring around walking the first place you would want to go is Central Ayutthaya.


The most visited temples around the central area are

Wat Maha That, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Wat Phra Ram, Wat Sangkhapat.

Just keep one thing in mind that most of the temples around Ayutthaya have a charge of THB 50.

So, if you travel on a budget like me then you might need to choose the best temples before going.

The two most worth and photogenic temples around the central Ayutthaya are

Wat Phra Si Sanphet and Wat Phra Ram

These are the two places where you won’t regret paying THB 50.

It is not compulsory that you have to visit the whole Ayutthaya when you come here. The central part is very big and you could easily spend around 5 to 6 hours exploring and clicking pictures.

The good thing about these places is that some of the temples are visible from outside and you can also click pictures from outside. I tried this in most of the temples and no one stopped me from clicking pictures from outside.

The central area is filled with gardens and beautiful lakes. If you are a photographer then this place is a treat for you.

Things to avoid and to be aware of.


This is the most important part of this article. As I already said that Bangkok is a city of scams (You can read the full article here) and Ayutthaya is no different and it is a very good place for these scammers.

How to identify these scammers?

The answer is quite simple actually. Anyone who comes to you with a card showing you places and asking you to go with the tuk-tuks is basically scammers. And this thing applies everywhere in Bangkok and not just in Ayutthaya.

After you get down from the train and cross the river. There will be these people luring you into getting into their tuk-tuks for a day trip around Ayutthaya. It is not logical to even consider this option while you are here because they charge you a whopping THB 300 for a person for a day trip. They show you this police or government stamp on the card just above the price tag to make you believe that they are authentic.



If you are just going to explore the central part of Ayutthaya then the best way for you to reach it is by walking. Yes, walking is the best option. The distance from the ferry to the Wat MahaThat temple is just around 1.3 km. You can just use google maps and walk. I will leave a map with direction just below so you can get a good idea about it.

Once you reach Wat MahaThat, the other temples in the central area are easily accessible.

These were the things which I thought would be helpful in an Ayutthaya travel guide. I hope you find this article helpful and it would help you plan a perfect day trip here.

That’s it for today.

See you in the next article.

Keep Traveling. Keep Budgeting.

Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.


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