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A Weird Travel Tale About 51 Rejections.

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Traveling is a really fun thing to do. Exploring the mountains, camping near the lakes, taking your first solo trip, the first flight experience, the feeling when you land into a foreign country or even a different city. These are one of the most beautiful things which can happen to an individual. Today’s I’m going to share a Weird Travel Tale about a girl, who is crazy about traveling but……………

Let’s begin with this,

For the sake of this story Let’s just name the girl Paris.

A Weird Travel Tale – Phase 1

It was a Sunday morning. The regular stuff on a typical Sunday morning, getting up late, doing nothing all day. In between this chaos, Paris opens her diary which she has been keeping from the past 3 years. The first page of her diary says “Dream” and right next to it there is a cut out of the beautiful city of Rome. Seeing that brings a bright smile on her face. Similar cut-outs and pictures are glued in her entire diary. She just loves seeing them.

51 Rejections: A Weird Travel Tale.

Even her recent browsing history says “Top 10 places to visit in India”, “Best time to visit Iceland”, “How to apply for Schengen Visa”. She is so crazy about traveling. Her only dream is to be around the world, eat every local food of the respective country. This is what she dreams her life would be.

Let talk about Paris’s personality for a second. She is a fun person, always excited about new things and wherever she goes she leaves a positive vibe behind. She loves to keep the environment happy and pleasant.

Now, you all must be wondering that she couldn’t afford or she doesn’t have enough money to go to all these places so she keeps her dream alive through a diary. Well, this is not the case my friends, she has a good job and she earns a pretty good income and she can visit these places without any financial support from her family.

So, what is the problem here??

A Weird Travel Tale – Phase 2

          Paris never asked her parents any money for traveling as she wanted to earn her own money and then travel with that. She wanted to get a decent job and not put the burden of her dreams on her parents. It was the month of February and it was very cold outside. During this period a couple of Paris’s friends planned a camping trip to see the fireflies near a lake. This was the best season for seeing the fireflies. They asked Paris if she would like to come with them. She said I’ll have to ask my parents.

Later that night she went home and asked her mom about the camping trip. Her mom replied, “It is very cold outside and how would you camp in such cold weather”. Giving her this reason, her mother didn’t grant her permission for the trip. It was out of care her mother made that decision as she was worried about her daughter. She didn’t argue as she understood what her mother was trying to say. She texted her friends, “You guys carry on, I won’t be able to come”. A little disappointed Paris went to sleep. The next morning was normal as it used to be daily. A good happy family morning.

51 Rejections: A Weird Travel Tale.

After a few days another trip was planned in her circle and this time they were 6 boys and just 2 girls. She again went home asked her mom. This time her mom said, “you are only 2 girls you shouldn’t go”. Again, her mother was caring about her daughter and she didn’t allow Paris to go for the trip. She didn’t say a word to her mother and canceled with her friends with a smile on her face.

A Weird Travel Tale – Phase 3

A few months passed, she applied for a passport. She said to her mom that she had applied for a passport. Her mother and father started talking sarcastically, “Now our daughter has grown up, our daughter will go to a foreign country”. They all were enjoying and laughing and they had a very good day.

After a few weeks, she received her passport. She was very happy that day and she was thinking that she was one step closer to her dream. She would be able to travel now that her passport has come and it was a very good day for her.

51 Rejections: A Weird Travel Tale.

There was an upcoming trip coming, but this time it was an international trip. She again said I’ll ask my family and then tell you guys about it. She again went to her mom and said, “you know how you guys said that now I could go to a foreign country, now that I have grown up”. Looking confused her mom said “Yes??” To which she replied, “I have an international trip coming this month so can I go there?”. Her mom said, “I and your dad won’t allow you to go on a domestic trip, then how could we allow you to go to a foreign country, we care for you”

Completely shocked to that answer, Paris was all shattered and didn’t know what to do. The first thing she did was pull off her mobile and texted her friend, “You guys carry on, I won’t be able to come.” She still didn’t lose hope and thought that her parents care for her so much that’s why they won’t let her go.

A Weird Travel Tale – Phase 4

          For the next 16 months, the same thing kept happening. There was a trip and she used to ask and she used to get rejected. She just didn’t know what to do. Back to back, she got 51 REJECTIONS from her parents, just because they cared for her and that was the reason, they didn’t let her go. The top reasons she got for her rejection were “Itne ladkon ke saath jaaegi toh log kya kahenge” (What will people say if you went with so many boys), “Shaadi ke baad Jaana” (Go after your marriage), “Pehle apna state ghum ke aana fir foreign jaana” (First visit your own state then go to a foreign country). She thought her dream would always remain a dream and she would never be able to travel the world.

51 Rejections: A Weird Travel Tale.

She used to look at her diary every day before she went to sleep. You know how I mentioned Paris was a happy and joyful personality. Well, now that was not the case. Her happiness turned into quietness, her excitement turned into loneliness. She was turning into a robot day by day. GET UP – OFFICE – BACK HOME – SLEEP. She used to get all frustrated on small things. She was not the Paris everyone knew earlier.

A Weird Travel Tale – Phase 5

Once there was a wedding in her relatives. She and her family went to attend that wedding. It was a long time she was meeting all her relatives and yet she didn’t have the excitement she used to have earlier. Those 51 rejections made her completely neutral and not just at once but for the past 16 months.

51 Rejections: A Weird Travel Tale.

She had this uncle of hers. They called her and asked, “How is everything going?”. Her father sitting on the next table intervened and said, “Everything is going great, she has a job, she earns good money now, she is INDEPENDENT.” She also wants to travel but after her marriage, she will do that also.

With a very mild smile, she walked away from the place and went into the room. One thing that constantly kept coming to her head was the fact that her father thinks she was INDEPENDENT.

A Weird Travel Tale – Phase 6

Now, let’s stop here for a moment and think about the whole situation. Does anyone here really think that going to a job every day and coming back home before 8 pm is really Independence.

51 Rejections: A Weird Travel Tale.

And No, it is not that her parents were some cruel people or something like that. They just cared for their daughter and they didn’t want anything bad to happen to her so they won’t let her travel. But they didn’t realize that this caring was actually destroying her from inside and she was getting more and more alone and lonely during all this period.

She only had one dream. She thought once I finish college and get a decent job and start earning money, I would be able to travel around the world. Little did she know, she was wrong. It never occurred to her that her dream was just going to remain a dream. She started to question herself that what more should I do for them to allow me to travel. I have a good education, a good job, I earn good money what more should I do??

She entirely starts questioning herself and one fine day she decides to throw her diary. This was the time she realized that her parents would never allow her to go anywhere. She kills her dream and her traveling journey remains incompl………


51 Rejections: A Weird Travel Tale.

            Strange right? Isn’t it a weird travel tale? For all those people reading who are not from India. This is not a story, this actually happens in India. It may also be happening in other countries, but I can only speak about India as I have seen this. In India, choosing a travel related job is not counted as a secure job and is thought of as a waste of money. It is strongly believed that only if their child is an Engineer, Doctor and all of these he/she will succeed in life. Not everyone but 70% of parent believe that.

There is a very famous meme on this situation where a group of people tell a friend “Chal Goa Chalte Hain” (Let’s go to Goa), to which the friend replies “Abba Nahi Manenge” (My father won’t allow me).

Not only girls but even boys are not allowed to do what they love just because their parents care way toooooo much about their children. I really don’t know whether it is right or wrong or both.

What according to you should be Phase 7 of Paris? I really couldn’t find an end to this story. It is way too confusing for me. What do you think should be a perfect end to her story?

Phase 7????

I have some alternatives for her. You can comment down your alternatives down below. What do you think of this weird travel tale

  1. Listen to what her parents tell her, get married and forget about her dream forever.
  2. Follow her dream and listen to her heart. Go on her travel journey and hope that after seeing her happy, maybe her parents would feel proud and happy about her.
  3. Or ??????????

That is for Today’s Article

Hope you like it.

See you on my next blog.

Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.

51 Rejections: A Weird Travel Tale.

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samiksha gawad

she should follow her dreams without fear and should try to convenyance her parents because they are just doing there duty afterall…so without being silent she should raise her voice…she is INDEPENDENT she can do athything everything she want and she have to make an effort to be brave enough to do it..thats it.😇


Second option. Cz indirectly she was suffering. She should go for second option

Sanohi Jatav

Phase 7: Although Paris decided and by keeping a rock on her heart she killed her dream but little she knew that she even started thinking more about it. She started missing those dreams and those thoughts that she used to see as traveller. Day by day she started feeling guilty about what she did and she was not supposed to do it. She started realising even more that doing a 9-5 job won’t give her that happiness which traveling thoughts and her dairy used to give her. Her parents do cared for her alot but can a bird be… Read more »


She should follow her dream Second option

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