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A Corrupted Traveler’s Tale: 3 Bollywood Characters Which Totally Changed My Way of Thinking About Life and Career.


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Bollywood Movies are a very big part of Indian Cinema. A large bunch of Indian audience watches Bollywood Movies on a regular basis. I also follow them and some of them have really changed the way I used to think about my life and career.

Today’s article is about 3 Bollywood characters which have a major role in turning me from Vishal to Stubborn Hippie.

Let’s Begin,

1) Bunny – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.


Hands down my favorite character in Bollywood. I still remember it was 2013 when this movie was released. When we went to see it, I didn’t know that this was going to be one of those movies which I can really connect to. I had just given my 10th boards and like everyone I had no plans of what I had to do next.

After watching this film, for the first time in my life, I realized that apart from the regular stuff it is also possible to do something like traveling. At that moment I really didn’t give it much thought.

Even though we had left the theatre there were a few lines which were stuck in my head.

Raaftar, Paagalpan, Har Din Itna Dhamakedaar Hona Ke Mujhe Apni Dil Ki Dhadkane Apne Kaano Tak Sunai De.

Jaise Ke Yeh Pahad Chadna, Tumhare Liye Shayad Yeh Sirf Trekking Hai, Mere Liye Nasha Hai.

Khudpe Daya Karna Band Karo Aur Khudse Pyaar Karna Seekho.

And Obviously the most famous one.

Main Udna Chahta Hoon, Daudna Chahta Hoon, Girna Bhi Chahta Hoon, Bs Rukhna Nhi Chahta. Main Duniya Ka Kona Kona Dekhna Chahta Hoon.

The second I stepped out of the theatre, Manali was already one of my dream destinations.

These dialogues really inspired the hell out of me and I’m very sure it would have inspired you as well.

The things I learned from this movie were

– It is not necessary to live an ordinary life as it has been going on for don’t know how many years.

– Traveling can also be a career option.

– Dreams do come true. Never Give Up on your Dreams.

– There is no compulsion for you to get a 9-5 job and live an ordinary life.

– A very logical calculation of the life that people have been living for many decades.


2) Ved – Tamasha.


Another Brilliant Bollywood Movie.

“What Happens in Corsica, Stays in Corsica”

Another character which is very close to me. I totally connect with this character. The pain of doing a useless thing and expecting to get good results from that is something I am very familiar to. The way they have portrayed this character is just brilliant.


A very good choice for someone. Someone who is passionate about it and really wants to achieve something in it.

But not for everyone.

Nowadays it is a trend. Do Engineering, Get a job, Keep working for a stupid company for the rest of your lives. Basically, become a robot.

90% of parents have a misunderstanding that if they make their child an Engineer/Doctor, only then he/she can be successful in their life.


And even if the person doesn’t want to do it, they say that Complete Engineering First and afterward do whatever you want.

This is the worst thing happening now.

The thing parents don’t realize is what those 4 years make the person who has no interest in such a field. It literally makes them mad. It completely destroys a person and everything related to him/her.

This situation has been brilliantly shown in this movie.

My one favorite line from the movie is

Tu Koi Aur Hai

Stop doing the things which are useless and do something you love and you will definitely be successful and even if you don’t you will at least be happy.

The last few moments show how a happy and confident person can turn into neutral and coward. He literally goes to a different person to ask about his life and future.

Lastly, when he says Main Maths Mein Accha Nhi Hoon, I’m Sorry” that was the best moment of the entire movie.

The one beautiful message did the things which you are good at and it doesn’t matter how much longer it takes you to realize what you really like. It takes time for everyone to know what they are good at and what they really want.



3) Laila – Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara.


The fun-loving, full of life character of this movie. She is so much living in the moment that she never thinks about what will happen in the future and that is the best part about her.

One interesting fact about her was how she works at a diving site for the three months every year. Who wouldn’t love to do that?

The best thing about her was how she always stayed positive during every situation and how well she managed to truly live out to the fullest.

Two of her dialogues which I truly love would be

“Zindagi Mujhe Surprise Krti Rahe,

Inspire Krti Rahe,

Naye Log Mile,

Naye Experiences Ho,”


“Insaan Ko Dibbe Mein Tabhi Hona Chahiye,

Jab Voh Mar Chuka Ho”.

Another one which tells you to stop saving and thinking constantly about and for the future is

Dude, Tumhe Kaise Pata Ke Tum 40 Tak Zinda Rahoge?”


These are the three Bollywood characters which I turn too whenever I get demotivated and all helpless. Watching these scenes, those dialogues really motivate me every time I hear them.

What are the ones which inspire you or what do you do when you get demotivated?

Strange thing is that if we tell people that if given a chance would you like to live that character’s life. They immediately start taking names, which is awesome. But, why only then when someone asks you, they mostly don’t know that they can still achieve what they once would have seen on TV or Mobiles, wherever. It just takes you, to make that thought into a reality.

Make time for the things you love and actually want to do.

As the dialogue in Tamasha says –

Tum Khud Chuno Na Apni Race, Fir Dekhna First Nahi Aaye Toh”

That’s it for today.

See you in y next blog.

Keep Traveling.

Stubborn Hippie,

Vishal Hadal.

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