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9 ways to make money while traveling

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Traveling is a very expensive hobby if you are thinking of long-term traveling. You cannot just rely on your savings for this. Below down I have listed some ways which will help you make money while traveling.

Now, all the ways included below are not fixed ways of making money. They don’t guarantee that you will make a particular amount every week. It is a very unstable job so make sure you have a backup plan if these don’t work out. I mean to say have a backup savings account and use these ways to extend your travel for as long as possible and don’t rely completely on this.

1) Working at a hostel.

Make money while travelling

The hostel is a very good place to start. You can apply at the hostel for any kind of work like receptionist, caretaker, maybe cleaning it for a few hours. This is a very good way to earn some money. Many hostels let you do that and pay you handsomely. The best part about working in a hostel is that you don’t need to work for hours and hours. You can work for a few hours and your 2 3 days expense will be covered.

How and where to apply?

Many hostels have work listed on their website and you can directly apply on their official website.

My advice here would be don’t choose a very popular hostel, because there is a possibility that they won’t let you apply. They have a high standard to maintain so they probably won’t give jobs to every customer who checks in their hostel. Try for the hostels which are average, they will happily give you any kind of work. Try and apply when the workload is high in these hostels like festivals, on season times. That is the time to earn the maximum amount of money.

Sometimes they don’t pay you but they allow you to stay at their hostel for free which is also a very good option.

2) Travel blogging.

Make money while travelling

This is the way how I earn money and support my travels. But before jumping into this thing make sure you make your mind that for the first 10 12 months you are going to be working for free. Yes, you won’t earn a single penny for the first few months but once you start generating income then you surely will love it.

There are many travel bloggers who are earning around $5000 per month. They have left their jobs and are now traveling full time. Travel blogging is a field which gives you complete freedom and total control of your life. The only downside here is that there is no guarantee that you will succeed in this field. It depends upon person to person, the consistency and dedication towards your blog.

To get started you will need some guidelines and rules as to how you can run your travel blog? How you can start your travel blog? How to earn money from your travel blog? I myself started with an online course which I found on You can check the link down below and you can have a look at it if you are interested.

Launch Your  Blog Biz

3) Affiliate marketing

Make money while travelling

Many of you might be familiar with this term already. Affiliate Marketing means you can sell other people’s products and earn a little commission out of it. On every successful sale, you get a certain amount of commission.

The above link which I have inserted in my blog above is an affiliate link. If you buy that course from the above link then I may receive a small commission without charging you any extra amount.

Now you may think what is the profit of the creator here. See, the product which you are selling is of that creator and he doesn’t have to do a single thing to sell that product. He just sits at home and you do all the work to sell his product. He wouldn’t have any problem to give you a small commission if he is getting profit here.

Affiliate marketing is a very good source to earn some passive income. If you have a huge social media following then this might definitely work for work. All you have to do is paste the link of the product and wait for the purchase.

Amazon affiliates is a very good platform to start. Here you can choose any product you have used or you like and refer it to your friends and then whenever your friend buys the product on Amazon, you will get a small commission from Amazon.

4) Tour guide.

Make money while travelling

This is also my favorite type of job. It is a very fun job to do and you can do it in any city you know properly. You can get these jobs at any hostels or tour agencies or you can even arrange them yourself using your social media platform.

You don’t need to be an expert here, just make sure you have proper knowledge about the place and even make sure to learn about a small story from the locals there. Tourist love to hear stories of the place they are visiting. This might give you an upper hand between other tourist guides.

5) Travel photography and videography.

Make money while travelling

All those people out there with the cameras, now it time to earn some money rather than just clicking cool pictures for Instagram. If you are into photography or videography getting a temporary job is not that hard.

Just make sure you keep a copy of your best work with you whenever you approach any person or company for hiring you for a few days. The major market where a photographer can get a job is architectures, estate agents, models, travel agencies. Don’t take your camera and go to a tourist place and ask people randomly for pictures. This is never going to work because nowadays everyone has a camera or at least a smartphone which is capable of taking some beautiful pictures. Such things used to work earlier but nowadays you cannot make money like this.

Whenever you travel to a new destination, make sure you get familiar with the area nearby. Make a list of new buildings, coffee shops, travel agencies. Also, use your Instagram for finding some new models who are in your area nearby looking for a photoshoot. I am pretty sure you will at least find 5 – 10 of these things in just one day.

After then try to approach each one of them. If it is a new building then ask them if they are doing marketing of their building and if yes tell them you are a photographer and you can help them out. Show them your work and if they like it then you will get a job then and there. Being a builder, he will be more than happy to pay you fancy money for a single day of work.

Check each one of them thoroughly and you will definitely get a job here.

6) Working as a bartender

Make money while travelling

Now this one is totally up to you. You can opt-in here if you are fine with it.

I don’t need to give you a description of this job but instead, I will tell you a story. I met a girl in Rishikesh names Lluvia (Spelled as Juvia), she was Mexican and we were staying at the same hostel.

We were just chatting in the hostel and I asked her what do you do for a living. What is your job? She said she was a bartender and she also takes some pictures of the girls to earn some money. She said she continued working in a bar for a few years and then sold everything she owned for her traveling journey.

You definitely don’t need to be ashamed of any job you are doing unless you have got your priorities straight. Just travel during the day and work at the bar in the evening and your plans would be sorted. This is a very common job for those who are into long term traveling.

7) Street performer

Make money while travelling

In India you don’t see street performer getting a lot of response and even if they do, they hardly make a couple of hundred rupees per day which is definitely not enough.

During my visit to Malaysia, I was in an area called Bukit Bintang. It was a very happening street filled with people and people were performing all over the place. There were several bands and even solo artists performing and people were happily paying them a lot.

I was walking around the street and I saw a girl sitting on that street. She had a board right next to her which said “Hi, I am from Germany. I am traveling the world. I can draw beautiful mehndi on your hand. Will you support me for my next flight ticket?” You won’t believe people were literally coming to her and after she drew the mehndi, they would pay her RM10 – RM15(Rs.170 – Rs.250). The thing which she used to draw was even a Mehndi, but it was really beautiful. She was making people feel special by her whole unique Mehndi thing.

The best part was, she was not begging for money from anyone. She was trading her skills for money which was really awesome to see.

Even if she was making around RM100 per day then in less than a week she would have her next flight ticket.

Now, don’t get this the wrong way. It is not that she didn’t have the money, she was just trying to multiply her income source for supporting her travel for a long time.

8) Using your current degree.

Make money while travelling

If you are a degree holder or pursuing one like me, then you have a lot of options open for you. Before this make sure you apply for a working visa because they won’t let you work on a tourist visa.

I am going to talk about Civil Engineer because I know about the course and I am pursuing this degree. You can do the research in your field and find jobs. Civil Engineering is a very common field in India nowadays and every year lakhs of students become civil engineers in India. This is the reason that the people who complete their degree only get starting jobs up to Rs.15000.

In western countries or other Asian countries, this is not the case. Only a few hours of supervising for a month can give you $500 which is around

Rs.35000. And you only have to work five days a week and just for 6 7 hours a day. You don’t need to be a topper of your batch just your degree can land you these jobs. Research as many jobs as you can and don’t opt for one where you only have to work whole week then that is not traveling.

9) House sitting/ Pet Sitting.

Make money while travelling

A not very common term in India again. Just imagine if all your accommodation expense becomes zero. Wouldn’t that be great? Now, house sitting is one of those jobs which let you do that.

Unlike India, people in other countries love to go on vacation every few months. And while they on their trips they look for people who can take care of their house and their pets.

This is one of the best jobs where you just have to clean the house and make sure nothing wrong happens here. There are websites where people list their properties and their pets with the dates they are going to be out of town. You can search these websites and you can see yourself there are plenty of opportunities for travelers like us there.

That’s it for today’s blog.

See you in my next blog.

Keep Travelling. Keep Budgeting.

Founder – Stubborn Hippie,

Vishal Hadal.

Note: Some of the above links are Affiliate links i.e. I will get a commission when you buy the course from my given link. Don’t worry it wouldn’t cost you any extra money.

Make money while travelling

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