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8 Reasons why Malaysia should be your first International Destination.

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Traveling international is fun, but in this big world, it is confusing to choose your first international destination. You don’t want your first international destination to be a very big failure. The first destination should be such which should encourage you to travel more and more to other countries. I chose Malaysia as my first International Destination.

Below are 8 reasons why you should also choose Malaysia as your first destination. These are the reasons I found out, a must for any solo travelers traveling internationally for the first time. Check them out yourself.

1) One of the best Transportation Systems.

This is very important when you are traveling to a foreign country. You don’t want to be lost between your trip. Some countries have a very limited or very confusing transportation system. Malaysia, on the other hand, has a very simple and sorted transportation system for every first-time traveler.

You will find its transportation system very hassle-free. Traveling to a different city is very easy and you get a lot of options on the modes of transport you wish to travel in.

Here is my full guide on Malaysia Transportation system. Do check it out.

Malaysia Transportation System

2) Language.

If you are traveling in the northern countries like Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, etc. you will find that most of the people don’t speak English there. It is very difficult to communicate in such countries. Yes, you can use Google Translate but what if your phone’s battery dies or you don’t have an internet connection? It would be really very hard to communicate with the locals here.

This is the part where South East Asian countries have an upper hand. English is widely spoken across all these countries and Malaysia is one of them.

English is very common in the entire South East Asia. It is spoken by all of these countries so you won’t have a problem while you are traveling here. Only if the language is the point you consider then you can choose any of the countries.

3) Easy Visa.

A big barrier that stops people from traveling to an international destination is Visa. That is the reason why most of the people can’t travel to countries like USA, Europe, basically all the western countries.

Getting a visa there is a very difficult process and you have to have some certain amount of money in your bank account before you are allowed to travel there. You also have to convince the visa officer that you won’t stay in that country forever and that you will come back. Rounding it up getting those visa approvals is a very hard thing to do.

Getting a visa for Malaysia is a very easy process. It is like creating your Facebook or Instagram account. It is that easy. You don’t need to worry about your bank statement or facing the interview. You can get the visa just by sitting at your computer in your home.

The only mandatory thing you need before you apply for the visa is confirmed return flight tickets and accommodation proof. As long as you have these you have nothing to worry and your visa process would be buttery smooth.

Here is a full article on

“How you can get your Malaysia Visa in just 10 – 15 mins”.

Also, give it a look for the detailed process.

4) Cheap Flight Tickets.

Another reason why traveling to the western country is difficult is the ticket prices. They will cost would around Rs.60000/- to Rs.80000/-

The ticket price for traveling to Malaysia is very cheap. A budget airline like Air Asia will take you to Malaysia in just Rs.7000/- to Rs.10000/- It is very cheap and you can save a lot of money if you book these tickets in some offer period.

Be sure you read all the rules before booking a budget airline. They have a lot of restrictions though. They only allow 7 kg of luggage per person and if you have extra you have to pay a lot.

5) Nightlife.

Now nightlife doesn’t mean just partying in bars and pubs. Everyone loves to party. Doesn’t matter you consume alcohol or not, you might surely love to party around. Most of the people think partying means just drinking all night long and hanging around in some bar.

Well, this is not right. Malaysia has an awesome nightlife. Street performers, bars, pubs, the partying street, crazy food lane. You can come to Bukit Bintang street and just hang around and you won’t even notice the time. The street is very crowded till 4 a.m. I guarantee you can have a great time here.

6) Food.

This may be the topic which everyone loves. This is also a major concern for many people. They think what will they eat there and will there be any Indian food available there.

Malaysia is a place where you can get every type of food. There is a huge percentage of south Indian living in Malaysia, so you can find many Indian restaurants. There is nothing to worry about.

In Kuala Lumpur, I went to an Indian restaurant and they were serving the food there on a banana leaf. A traditional south Indian way to have your meal. Food won’t be a barrier if you visit Malaysia.

While you visit Malaysia, make sure you try out some local Malaysian food as well. You will definitely love it.

7) Suitable for every type of traveler.

This is my favorite reasons. Malaysia is suitable for every type of traveler. If you love just wandering around the modern street and love looking at the crazy skyscrapers then Kuala Lumpur is your go-to destination.

Check out my guide on

“Best Things to do in Kuala Lumpur”

You will get a better idea of Kuala Lumpur.

If you are an island junkie you can head towards north Malaysia to Langkawi or Penang. These two islands are very beautiful and you won’t regret coming here. Just before you go to Langkawi keep one thing in mind, there is no ATM on the entire island. Make sure you carry enough cash for you to survive around the island.

Many other destinations like Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, Genting Highlands, can be visited by you according to your liking.

Make sure you choose your destination before you travel to Malaysia.

8) Airport Transfers.

This is a part where you have to spend a lot of money or very less money. It depends on the city you visit. This is a place where you can get scammed a lot. You have to be very careful whenever you exit airports. The taxi drivers will come rushing to you as soon as you exit an airport giving you different offers.

If you are traveling to Malaysia then there is an 80% chance that you will land in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is a place where you don’t have to worry about airport transfers. You will get a lot of options once you complete all your formalities.

Everything with buses, metros, taxis are available at this airport. The modes of transport are suitable for every type of traveler. Starting with budget travelers to all the luxury travelers you will get every option here.

That’s it for today’s blog.

See you in my next blog.

Keep Travelling. Keep Budgeting.

Founder – Stubborn Hippie,

Vishal Hadal.

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