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15+ Very Useful Backpacking Essentials.

Backpacking Essentials

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Planning your next backpacking trip?? Want some backpacking tips?? You are in the perfect place. Below down I have mentioned some very useful backpacking essentials which would be helpful for you guys on your next backpacking journey. Backpacking can be really very overwhelming especially when you are doing it for the first time. This list applies to all types to travelers, doesn’t matter if you are just starting your travel journey or you are doing it for a long time.

Also, I will include a downloadable pdf which has the list of all these backpacking essentials. It is a kind of checklist so you won’t forget anything before starting your journey. This list is a mixture or some very obvious and some very necessary things you must have in your backpack.

Let start with our Backpack essentials.

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Yes, they are one of the obvious backpacking essentials. You must be thinking that it is a must for any Backpacking journey and you probably know that. Yes, agreed but the reason I mentioned backpack on this list is to make sure you choose the perfect backpack for your journey.

There are a lot of backpacks in the market and choosing a perfect one would be a nightmare. Let short this list and choose the right backpack. The most common backpacks start from 50L to 90L (L = Litre). This is the range which most of the backpackers choose. They pick one rucksack between this capacity and one day bag.

This is the most ideal way most backpackers like to travel. And to be honest this is really efficient as you cannot roam with an 80L backpack in the city, you need something small for a day trip. Also, you cannot go a backpack because you never know what you might like on the way and not carrying a bag should be the last reason for not buying anything.

A tip from me – For a trip which is more than a week, you must always carry a day bag and a rucksack with you.

Below down I have mentioned some. Do check them out.


Day Bags

Rain Cover.

This thing is a must doesn’t matter where you are going. You don’t want your clothes to be wet during the trip. Don’t think that you only have to carry it during the rainy season because other than just saving your bag from rainwater the rain cover has many other applications.

I have an orange backpack and every time I check my bag in it gets dirty and I have to wash it regularly. Now, after the first initial trips, I started to put on the rain cover on my backpack whenever I check in my bag. This has been such a lifesaver for me. I mean think about it, washing a rain cover is far better than washing your entire backpack.

Power Banks.

Another important thing you must have in your backpack. You don’t want your phone dead in a foreign country and in the middle of the night when you just arrived at the destination. Forget about the night, also during the day time you don’t want to start searching for a power outlet for charging your phone.

Power banks have been a very useful thing for me during all these trips. I have been on a 20-hour journey, a 30-hour journey without any power outlet and this power bank has never let my phone die. Do keep this in your backpack.

Packing Cubes.

 Every rucksack owner should have the packing cubes. As you know the rucksacks only have one main compartment and you just end up putting everything in the one big compartment. Yes, there are many packing ways to keep the things organized in a backpack but these packing cubes will make the job very easy for you.

They help you keep your things in a very organized manner. Also, they come in different sizes for all your requirements. You can easily access all the things inside your big rucksack. They are not only used in rucksacks but are also very useful in one of those trolley bags. These are my number one backpacking essentials.


Padlocks are very handy for the backpackers. Most of the backpackers tend to stay in hostels and the majority of the hostel provides you with your locker but they don’t provide padlocks. Yes, they will provide padlocks but they will charge you for that. That is why you must keep a pair of padlocks inside your backpack.

Earlier I used to have small padlocks and they were really useful for a long time but after staying at so many hostels I have realized that the padlocks with a string lock are more efficient and useful. The hostels which you are staying in won’t have the same size of the locker and you surely cannot carry different padlocks for every place. These padlocks can be very flexible to use and can fit on any locker size. Check this padlock below.

Microfiber Towel.

Towels do take a lot of space in your backpack. Not only space they are also a little heavy especially when they are wet. Being a backpacker, you must also see how you can reduce the weight of the backpack by avoiding unnecessary things. Now, towels are surely not an unnecessary thing and you cannot avoid it but what you can do is change the type of towels you carry.

These microfiber towels are not only lightweight but they dry quicker even in cold weather. Do pack these on your next backpacking journey.

Empty Water Bottle.

Must-Have backpacking essential for everyone, an empty water bottle. Carrying an empty water bottle would save you a lot of money if you are planning a long-term trip. Also, you would be reducing a lot of plastic use during your journey. Now you might wonder that not all the water dispenser has pure drinkable water. In that case, you can buy yourself a filter water bottle like the one I have mentioned below.

Universal Travel Adapter.

This one is a known backpacking essential y most of you guys now. Anyway, I will give you a little description for those who are unaware of this adapter. Every country has a different power outlet and your adapters from India won’t work in some southeast Asian and western countries.

You will need to buy this universal travel adapter as this has plugs that would go into different power outlets all around the world.

Spike Guard.

This applies to any type of accommodation you are checking in. You must carry a spike guard with you wherever you go. If you are the one who checks in regularly in hostel then you might know how useful these things can be.

Now even if you stay in a hotel or a guesthouse, they also have only 2 3 outlets and there are many things which are to be charged. Sometimes there is no time where you could charge all your gadgets one by one. Keep one of these things and you will never regret it.


I think there is no need for a description for a torch and you can have many instances where you need one so keep this one in your backpack.

Dry Bags.

Firstly, let me explain what dry bags are used for. They are used to protect electronics and your valuables items from water.

If have any adventure planned for you like kayaking, camping and stuff like that, a dry bag will be super useful for you. If you ever make a checklist of your backpacking essentials make sure to include them.

Eye Masks.

Eye masks are very much needed during flight, buses and train journeys. You can also use them in hostels because somethings people come in late and switch the light on. To avoid being disturbed keep a pair of them in your backpack.

Extra Snacks.

Again, no need to describe these. These are the ones which you shouldn’t even think twice before packing. If you planning a one-day trip, a week-long trip or even a month-long trip always make sure to fill your backpack with snacks every day.

Flip Flocks.

Not only for roaming on beaches but flip flocks are very useful on a long journey or even when you are waiting for a connecting flight which just keeps on getting delayed. Keeping your shoes on for hours and hours could be a little uncomfortable and tiring at the same time.

I always carry a pair of flip flocks in my backpacks and keep it in a place where they are easily accessible and I don’t have to remove all of my stuff for them. Whenever I get a chance, I remove my shoes and hang them on to my backpack and put the flip flocks on.

Gadgets Organizer.

Being a travel blogger, I have a lot of gadgets like camera, GoPro, laptop, power banks, etc. There are different cables and memory cards for all of these items and I cannot afford to lose even a single one of them.

This is where the gadget organizer comes in. It helps me organize every cable I have, safely stores all my memory cards and other small items which are very important during my travel journey. Even if you are not a travel blogger you could use one of these things for your charger cables, power bank cables, earphones and things like that.

Some Stationary.

Last but one of the very important backpacking essentials. This is one thing that I never take out of my backpack. There are various instances where you would require some stationary during your trip. It is very important to carry these things in your bag. You require a pen for immigration form, visa form, hotel check-in, etc. You cannot just keep asking people for all the small things. I never had these things on my first trip and I still remember I had to roam a lot asking for these things.

The things you would need are

  1. Pen
  2. Glue Stick.
  3. Duck-Tape.

That’s it, people.

These are the 16 backpacking essentials every backpacker must-have. I carry these every time during my trips.

See you in the next one.


Stubborn Hippie.

Vishal Hadal.

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