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10 Solo Traveling Tips which will help you in your next trip.

Solo Traveling

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Is Solo Traveling safe?

Don’t you get bored?

There are many questions in people’s mind before they even think about solo traveling. They think that solo traveling is scary and anything can happen there. Even if nothing happens doesn’t it feel lonely? Are the various questions many people think.

I am going to give you 10 tips before your first solo travel. Maybe this could change your perspective and even you could start loving to travel solo.

I always smile when I remember my first solo travel. It was the month of July and the destination was Kerala – God’s own country. I remember how I was and how less planned and organized I went there. I don’t regret anything on that trip as it was my first experience and I learned a lot from that trip.

Let’s start with the tips.

1) Do a Lot of Research.

Solo Traveling

Before even thinking of solo traveling do a lot of research about the place you are going to visit. I always start my research about 2 3 months before my travels. Try to find everything about the destinations. The top places to visit, public transportation, any rules in the place, about the local food, famous things, everything you will need when you reach the destination.

I always say this whenever you reach a destination, don’t be a tourist with no knowledge of the place. Be a traveler and you will explore the place better.

The more knowledge you have about the place the better. The chances of you getting lost would reduce very much after you do your research properly. Many countries have different rules so make sure you don’t break them otherwise you could end up in trouble.

2) Always Follow your Instincts.

Solo Traveling

There will be instances where your gut will tell you to not do some certain things, LISTEN TO IT ALWAYS. Whenever you have any doubt about anything, then just don’t do it. It is that simple.

If you reach an accommodation and you feel that this is not safe or something is wrong here then don’t hesitate to leave. It doesn’t matter if they give you a refund or not, no amount of money is more important than your own safety.

3) Don’t choose a remote area on your first trip.

Solo Traveling

Now, this totally depends on the destination. But I have been saying this to everyone now that always choose a decently populated city during your first international trip.

The reason behind this is that if anything happens during your trip then you need to able to contact your family and the officials in the place. There is a high possibility that you can do this easily in a popular city than in some remote areas.

Once you know how to deal with such a situation then you can face them in any place. You need to have some experience of solo traveling and choosing a popular city would a good place to start.

4) Stay in Hostels.

Solo Traveling

Yes, oh Yes. I say this a thousand times. Doesn’t matter if it is your first solo travel or your 100th, hostels are the best place to stay. They have a very positive vibe to the environment.

The staff would be another reason. Mostly in 80% of the hostels, the staff is very friendly and they tell you everything about the place nearby and the local transport and what food you should try. They even provide you with a free map of the city.

The price is always low than the hotels. Being a budget traveler, I have always loved hostels and the price which they offer has allowed me to stay in a particular place for a long time. Talking about the price, I will give you a rough idea. You can stay for 4 nights in a hostel at a price of 1 night in a hotel.

5) Use Public Transportation.

Solo Traveling

The best way to get around the city is by using public transportation. Take the example of Mumbai for instance, for a budget solo traveler the local trains are the best way to roam around with spending way too much money.

Every city has its public transportation and which is cheap rather than the expensive taxis. Make sure you do your research thoroughly.

6) Meet Other Travelers.

Solo Traveling

Please, whenever you are traveling solo do yourself a favor of meeting other people. You won’t regret it on your trip. This is the best way if you are getting bored and feeling homesick.

During each and every trip I have met the most amazing people from every part of the world. I have met people from England, Mexico, Germany, California, The Asian countries. You will find people from every corner of the world in the hostel.

I have experience of around a year and a half in hostels and I can tell that 90% of people in the hostels are very fun loving and you could have a great time with everyone. I have met some amazing people during my travels and I trust me I have never had so much fun ever in my life what I had with these strangers.

7) Pack Light.

Solo Traveling

This is another thing you need to focus on. You don’t want to be overpacked during any solo trip. And please always try to carry only one big backpack.

Be it a week-long trip or a month-long trip always try and pack as minimum as you can. You don’t want to carry two backpacks in the middle of a city when the temperature is around 30+ degrees.

Just remember the trollies are only available till airport and after that, you have to carry your own luggage everywhere you travel. It is better you have only one bag with you.

8) Learn a few words in Local Language.

Solo Traveling

As I mentioned in the above tip, be a traveler rather than being a tourist in any area. This tip will also get you to become more of a traveler.

Learn a few local words which would help you communicate with the local people there. Not everyone in a foreign country knows to speak in English. Learn a few local words and you are good to go.

The top words you need to learn are.

Thank You.


My name is ………..

How can I go to ………..?

Is there any public bus stop around?

9) Ask for Directions.

Solo Traveling

In the world full of Google maps make an exception and ask the local people for the direction. This is one of the best proven ways to strike a conversation with someone.

If you are familiar with the concept of hitch-hiking then this trick will help you a lot. Outside gas station or parking area you can ask people about a particular place and then ask them if they are going there and if yes, then ask if you could join them.

Most people are always happy to help and they allow you to ride with them. Sometimes they voluntarily say that I am going in the same direction I can drop you there.

This way you can get a free ride and you can start a conversation. This wouldn’t happen if you open your Google maps and look in your phone every time. You can also keep your Google maps open as a backup. But make sure you use this trick and ask more people and try and make new friends.

10) Take lots and lots of photos.

Solo Traveling

You have to have memories of your trip that you can cherish for a long time now. Photographic memories are the best. You can live them for the many upcoming years.

There will always be a smile on your face when you see those photos. Every photo will have a different story behind it and you will just love living that story again.

Hope you like these 10 solo traveling tips. They will definitely be useful on your next solo traveling journey.

That’s it for today.

See you in my next blog.

Keep Traveling. Keep Budgeting.

Stubborn Hippie,

Vishal Hadal.

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